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Pitch Wars 2016 Mentor Blog Hop

Tuesday, 19 July 2016  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

PitchWars LogoWelcome to the mentors’ wishlist blog hop! From today until submission day, use the linky below to hop to all the mentors’ websites/blogs to read their bios, wishlists, and what categories and genres they want to mentor.

For those unfamiliar with Pitch Wars, it’s a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or interns choose one writer each, read their entire manuscript, and offer suggestions on how to make the manuscript shine. The mentee then revises their manuscript for two months under the guidance of their mentor. The mentor also critiques his/her writer’s pitch and query letter to get it ready for the agent round. To do this, the mentors read all their applications and choose the writer they want to mentor and to get ready for the agent round on November 3-9.

Want to find out about the fabulous agents joining us this year? Go to this post and this post to find out.

Need instructions? Go to this post here.

Want to donate to support Pitch Wars and get two extra application? Go to this post here.

Pitch Wars Live! Some our Pitch Wars mentors will be chatting live with with the wonderful Nikky Roberti starting July 19 with the final one on August 2. The fun will be happening on the hashtag #PitchWars, and if you miss one, we’ll post the recorded chats here, too.  Make sure to watch and get to know the mentors. Follow the #Pitchwars during the chats to ask questions for the mentors. Here’s the schedule:

All shows will start at 8PM EDT.

July 20 – YA Mentors
July 21 – MG Mentors
July 22 – Adult/NA Mentors
July 25 – YA Mentors
July 26 – MG Mentors
July 27 – YA Mentors
July 28 – Adult/NA Mentors
July 29 – YA Mentors
August 1 – A Mix … All about the Slush
August 2 – A Mix … Submission Eve Party, & All about the Slush

Surprise!! It’s the first ever Mentor Blog Hop Scavenger Hunt!

We’re so excited to announce this special game. After all the mentors make their mentee picks, we’re holding a drawing and picking three lucky writers to go through the mentoring process. Only those who enter Pitch Wars can enter the scavenger hunt. This is a random draw. So anything goes! And anyone can win! That’s one writer each from the middle grade, young adult, and adult/new adult pool of submissions. The winning writers will go through two months of revisions. If the winners are able to get their manuscripts and pitches in great shape with the help of his or her mentor, we’ll make room for them in the agent showcase in November. The final manuscripts and pitches will be presented to our anonymous agent judges to determine if they are ready for the showcase.

How can you enter for this amazing chance? Easy. Or not so easy. You have to go on a scavenger hunt for letters that will spell out a famous author’s quote and his name. During the mentor blog hop, search for a letter somewhere on each mentor’s post. Gather the letters and fill in the blanks below to reveal the quote and the author. Don’t worry there will be hints along the way. Please don’t share the answer or post it on social media. If we see a tweet or a post or whatever, you’ll be disqualified from the drawing. Thank you!

_ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _   _ _   _   _ _ _ _ _ _ ,  _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ _   _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ :  _ _ _ _   _   _ _ _   _ _ _   write  _   _ _ _ .   _ _ _ _ _ ‘_   _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _   _ ‘_    _ _ _ _ _   _ _ ,  _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.”  _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _

Hint: Red lines are vowels (_). Black lines are consonants (_).

Hint for words 11 & 12 and words 28 & 29:

Hint for the last word in the quote:

  Image result for cut

And here’s another hint. The author as a boy.

To enter the drawing, fill out this form …

[vfb id=’13’]

Meet the team mentoring the winners of the scavenger hunt drawing …

Shanna Rogers

Taking on your middle grade manuscript:

Shanna Rogers


Shanna is a middle grade writer represented by . Mom–powered by Keurig. If someone opens a bookstore with wine and cheese tastings, she will live there. She’s also a Pitch Wars 2015 alumni!

E.L. Wicker ⚜

Taking on your adult or new adult manuscript:

E. L. Wicker

@ELWiscker | Website

Born in Dublin Ireland, E.L. Wicker moved to England when she was nine years old. There she attended Coombe Girls School and her love of writing developed as she began to win literary competitions. A graduate of the Social Science’s at University of Essex, E.L. Wicker uses her knowledge of human nature to craft interesting characters and emotional relationships. Fractured Immortal is her first publication and the first in The Bearwood series ( ). Blogger at . New Adult Acquisitions for Lakewater press.

Blog/Contest Assistant, Heather CashmanBrenda Drake

Taking on your young adult manuscripts:

Heather Cashman and Brenda Drake

To learn more about us, check out our bios on the sidebar of this blog.

Now for the blog hop! Use this opportunity to get to know fellow writers, some a little further in the publishing journey than you, because making connections can bring new friendships, new favorite authors, or new advocates for your work. Happy hunting!

Please be respectful to our mentors. Ask brief questions, but do not ask for feedback or for them to go to links to read stuff.

And here are your mentors…


Your Middle Grade Mentors:

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Your Young Adult and Young Adult/New Adult Mentors:

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Your Adult and New Adult Mentors:

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The best way to say thank you to our mentors is to buy their books!

We hope to see you August 3 for submission day!



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