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What is Pitch Wars?

Is it another contest? Oh, no, it’s so much better.

Pitch Wars is a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or industry interns choose one writer each, read their entire manuscript, and offer suggestions on how to make the manuscript shine for the agent showcase. The mentor also helps edit his or her writer’s pitch for the contest and his or her query letter for submitting to agents.

In November during the agent showcase, each mentee is featured on a post that includes their pitch and the first page of their manuscript. Last year, we han nearly sixty agents participate in the showcase. Participating agents view the posts and make requests. With the help of Pitch Wars 2016, more than 50 authors were offered representation with many snagging book deals shortly after the contest!

Over the past six years, Pitch Wars has changed many lives. Countless authors have been matched with agents and even gone on to book deals and successful careers. We’re over 300 successes as of 2017!! But most importantly, Pitch Wars has grown the writing community to connect author with author, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie as we go through all stages of revision and publishing.

The Process

Writers send applications (query and first chapter of manuscript) to four mentors who best fit their work.

Mentors read all their applications and one mentee is chosen by each mentor or set of co-mentors, and together, mentee and mentor spend two months revising the manuscript and pitch.

 Great! How do I do it?

Easy! Follow these steps:






Find a mentor. 





Prepare your submission. 

  1. Make sure your manuscript is finished, as polished as you can make it using critique partners, beta readers, and personal edits. (Published manuscripts will not be accepted.)
  2. Prepare a query letter (like the one you would send to agents). See our Resource page on how to write one.
  3. Write a 1-3 page synopsis. This year, a synopsis will be required for submission, and many agents request them as well. See our Resource page on how to write one.
  4. Create a 35-word pitch that summarizes your novel. It’s not needed during submission, but it’s good to have ready. If you’re picked, your mentor will help you with the pitch for the agent round. (Also on our Resource page!)







  • Read our Submission FAQ for answers!
  • Applications (query + synopsis + 1st chapter) will be sent through an easy submission form. The form will go live on our Submit page on…
  • July 16, 12:01 am to Midnight Eastern Time: Adult Submission window
  • July 17, 12:01 am to Midnight Eastern Time: Young Adult Submission window
  • July 18, 12:01 am to Midnight Eastern Time: Middle Grade Submission window



Join in Social Media. 

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The Pitch Wars 2018 Schedule

TBD: Adult Submission window
TBD: Young Adult Submission window
TBD: Middle Grade Submission window
TBD: Mentor Picks Announced
TBD: Adult Agent Showcase Posts Go Live
TBD: Young Adult Agent Showcase Posts Go Live
TBD: Middle Grade Agent Showcase Posts Go Live
TBD: Agent Showcase Ends