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Semi-finalists for The Never-ending Scene Blogfest (or cliffhanger–whatever)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Voting ends at 6am MST (8am EST) !!!!

Woohoo! It’s been such a thrill! I’ve been blogging, tweeting, dreaming, sleepwalking, and totally driving my family and friends crazy with my obsession over my first ever Blogfest. I wanted it to rock! Every detail  implemented to perfection. However, just like planning a wedding, things don’t go as smoothly as you’d like. We had a couple of URL problems on Mr. Linky, and we couldn’t narrow down to only six semi-finalists. It’s when you let go of those niggling little details that something wonderful happens.

When I first decided on selecting six semi-finalists, I had thought I would only get maybe twenty or thirty participants. We totally exceeded that number, so we decided on ten semi-finalists for you all to vote on.

Size mattered. There were several entries that went over the word count that we couldn’t choose because of the rules. Some I truly loved and I applaud your talent! It wouldn’t have been fair to those who followed the rules to keep them in the running. Here’s a recap of the rules:

Here’s how it works. On your blog site, write a new scene or post a scene from your current project that is no more than 500 words, which has a rocking cliffhanger (pun intended). It can be any genre. Just leave us hanging, craving more, and cursing your name for making us want to turn a page that isn’t there. Easy peasy, right? Right.

I’d like to extend a huge and grateful thank you to my fellow judges, Connie and Joannine, for giving up their time to help me read and decide on the entries. They tirelessly stuck with me as we whittled down the list. I learned what agents mean when they say this industry is subjective, because everyone has different tastes. This was an asset while judging, enabling each genre to have a cheerleader so to speak. It was a difficult decision, and each entry was read several times as we were trying to narrow down to the semi-finalists.

There are wonderful prizes from Cassandra Marshall to be had, and tomorrow we’ll have another surprise. Speaking of surprises, today is Cassandra’s birthday. Go to her site here to wish her a happy birthday. Furthermore, in celebration, she’s giving away prizes on her site!
Okay, I’m jabbering, so without further ado here are the ten semi-finalists. Please click on their names to read their entries and vote in the poll below for your favorite. The poll will be open for twenty-four hours. So don’t dally and hurry up and vote!

LS Murphy
Tessa Conte
Rachel Morgan
Jamie Manning
Rachael Harrie
Dominic de Mattos
Jodi Henry
Shelley Watters
Wendy Tyler Ryan 

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