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Romance an Entangled Publishing editor … pitch event!

Thursday, 18 September 2014  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

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Get your 100-word pitch ready for a mega pitch event with Entangled Publishing. The submission window opens Monday, November 10 at 8:00 AM EDT and closes at 8:00 PM EDT. We’ll accept pitches in the comments of the official submission post. The pitches will be checked to make sure each entry falls into a category that Entangled publishes, so make sure you label it right. You will have to list one of the Entangled lines on your submission. If it doesn’t match anything Entangled is looking for, the comment will be deleted. During the contest, the below listed editors at Entangled will read the pitches and make requests on the ones that interest them. Go to Entangled Publishing’s site to find out more about the editors and their likes.

This pitch event is for finished and polished manuscripts only. You may enter as many pitches as you like. Make sure to read about the editors and lines to find out if your story is a fit for Entangled Publishing.

What will you need?

  • A 100-word pitch (max). This would be the meat of your query condensed to the 100-word limit.
  • 1st 100 words of your manuscript. (If the 100th word falls in the middle of a sentence, you can go to the end of the sentence.)


The submission post will go live on November 10 at 8AM EDT. Enter your pitches on the submission post.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK … Make sure to only pitch what Entangled publishes. Here’s some information about the editors  and the lines that Entangled editors will consider …


Single-title Imprints

    • Entangled Select (adult single title) – adult romance imprint, encompassing all subgenres of romance including contemporary, suspense, sci-fi, historical, paranormal and fantasy. The romance should be a primary focus in the story, and heat levels vary.
    • Entangled TEEN (young adult single title) – high-concept, engaging line of books geared to the young adult audience. Accepting  submissions in all subgenres including contemporary, suspense, sci-fi, historical, paranormal and fantasy, and require there be at least a romantic subplot.
    • Embrace (new adult single title) – ushers readers from the halls of high school graduation into the wide open world beyond. With protagonists typically ranging from 18-24, Embrace publishes high-concept stories that focus on the endless possibilities this stage in life brings, and above all, romance. Heat levels vary.


Category Romance Imprints

Entangled’s category romance imprints are released digital-first across a wide variety of platforms. With high royalty rates and price points that attract buyers, these lines have been very successful for Entangled and its authors. Many of their titles have appeared on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s bestseller lists, and more than twenty have hit the USA TODAY and New York Times bestseller lists. Three are currently RITA finalists.

More information on the specific imprints can be found on their respective submission pages.

  • Crave (Teen)  – Teen category romance – engaging, irresistible first-love stories set during the characters’ teen years—with an out-of-this-world, trope-driven bend.
  • Crush (Teen)  – Teen category romance imprints, is all about engaging, irresistible first-love stories set during the characters’ teen years. Heart-stopping feelings and never-ending drama, ranging from funny to emotional, flirty to dark.
  • Brazen  – Sexy contemporary category romance with high heat levels.
  • Lovestruck  – Flirty contemporary category romance about finding love in the modern world.
  • Bliss – Sweet contemporary category romance with a small-town, family vibe.
  • Indulgence – Contemporary category romance with rich and powerful alpha heroes.
  • Ignite – Suspenseful category romance.
  • Scandalous – Historical category romance.
  • Covet – Contemporary category romance with a paranormal twist.



Liz Pelletier, Publisher@Liz_Pelletier.

Heather Howland, Associate Publisher, Editorial Director of Brazen and Lovestruck –  @HeatherHowland.


Here’s a list of the editors at Entangled Publishing for more information about them and their likes go here.

Editorial Directors

Stacy C. Abrams, Executive Editorial Director of Entangled Teen and Select@StacyAbramsEdit.

Candace Havens, Editorial Director of Covet and Embrace@CandaceHavens

Alethea Spiridon Hopson, Editorial Director of Indulgence – @aletheaspiridon.

Alycia Tornetta, Editorial Director of Bliss and Scandalous – @weechagirl.


Editorial Staff
Nina Bruhns, Editor @NinaBruhns

Charlotte “Charley” Christian, Editor

Karen Grove, Editor

Erin Molta, Editor – @ErinMolta

Tracy Montoya, Editor@TracyMontoya 

Wendy Chen, Associate Editor@wendychenbooks

Kate Fall, Associate Editor@KateFall

Robin Haseltine, Editor –  @robinhaseltine

Marie Loggia-Kee, Editor

Stephen P. Morgan, Editor@Stephen_Edits

Lewis Pollak, Editor@LewisPollak


DO NOT POST PITCHES IN THE COMMENT OF THIS POST. There Will be as submission post on NOVEMBER 10 use it. Any pitches posted to this post will not be read by the editors. Sorry.

See you on November 10 when the submission post goes live!

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