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MISERERE: One Question Blog Tour with author Teresa Frohock … win a copy here!

Monday, 4 July 2011  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Update: The winner of the copy of MISERERE by selection from Random.org is Tanya Reimer. Congratulations! Please email me your addy at bdrake(at)comcast(dot)net. 
I’m so thrilled to be a part of Teresa Frohock‘s One Question Blog Tour. There are several blogs participating and we each get to ask a question for Teresa to answer. As always, I love to give things away, so not only am I purchasing my own copy of MISERERE, I’m buying another to give away to one lucky commenter on this post. All you have to do is answer the question at the end of this post in the comment area and you’re entered. I’ll select a winner on July 11th.  First, though, I should introduce you to Teresa. 
So here’s Teresa’s story…
Raised in a small town, Teresa Frohock learned to escape to other worlds through the fiction collection of her local library. She eventually moved away from Reidsville and lived in Virginia and South Carolina before returning to North Carolina, where she currently resides with her husband and daughter. 

Teresa has long been accused of telling stories, which is a southern colloquialism for lying. Miserere: An Autumn Tale is her debut novel.

Teresa can be found most often at her blog and web site (www.teresafrohock.com). Every now and then, she heads over to Tumblr and sends out Dark Thoughts http://teresafrohock.tumblr.com, links to movies and reviews that catch her eye. 

You can also follow Teresa on Twitter (http://twitter.com/TeresaFrohock ) and join her author page on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Teresa-Frohock/134892453223242)


And here’s her fantabulous book… 
Miserere: An Autumn Tale
(Night Shade Books www.nightshadebooks.com / July 1, 2011) 

Exiled exorcist Lucian Negru deserted his lover in Hell in exchange for saving his sister Catarina’s soul, but Catarina doesn’t want salvation. She wants Lucian to help her fulfill her dark covenant with the Fallen Angels by using his power to open the Hell Gates. Catarina intends to lead the Fallen’s hordes out of Hell and into the parallel dimension of Woerld, Heaven’s frontline of defense between Earth and Hell.
When Lucian refuses to help his sister, she imprisons and cripples him, but Lucian learns that Rachael, the lover he betrayed and abandoned in Hell, is dying from a demonic possession. Determined to rescue Rachael from the demon he unleashed on her soul, Lucian flees his sister, but Catarina’s wrath isn’t so easy to escape. In the end, she will force him once more to choose between losing Rachael or opening the Hell Gates so the Fallen’s hordes may overrun Earth, their last obstacle before reaching Heaven’s Gates.
Now onto the tour and my question…

Brenda asks: “Out of all the scenes in your novel, which one was your favorite to write and which one was the most challenging for you?” 

Hey, Brenda, thanks for having me here! 

I loved writing the exorcism. From the very first line of MISERERE, I pictured in my mind exactly how that scene would play out and when I finally reached it, the characters shifted into place and it worked beautifully. I wanted the struggle to not just be between Lucian and the demon, but between Lucian and Rachael. It was hard to hit the right balance, but when the scene was finished I loved it. 

The hardest scenes to write were those with Lindsay. I had the most difficult time getting in tune with her character. Weronika really helped me with Lindsay, and after about three passes over the manuscript, focusing on Lindsay’s scenes alone, I finally managed to come up with a believable child. My favorite scene with Lindsay is at the end when she finally comes into her own, and it was hard to write, because I hated being mean to the kid. 

But hey, you do what you gotta do. 

What about you? What are some scenes from your own work that were your favorites and which do you find most challenging? 

The next interview in the blog tour will be at Jessica Torres’ blog http://afanaticbookblog.blogspot.com/ where I’ll be talking about where I’d spend my long term vacation if money were no object. I hope you’ll join me there. 

Don’t forget to answer the question above in the comments for a chance to win a copy of MISERERE. 


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  • I like this style of interview! The climax is always the most fun for me. And I’ll have to say the opening is the one I’ve had the most trouble with lately. Sometimes I hit it just right, and sometimes I can’t grasp what it is, but I know it needs to change. I hate that because if I get WHAT’s wrong, I can usually fix it.

  • Nice interview and MISERERE looks awesome!!

    For me, the climax is the most fun and the resolution the easiest. The most difficult would have to be those opening pages where enough hook draws the reader in, balanced with enough info. to clarify set-up/important elements of the story.

  • LynNerd says:

    Great interview, Brenda and Theresa. The book sounds intriguing, and the book trailer is really cool.

    I, too, struggle with the opening chapters, especially those crucial first pages. One of my favorite scenes I’ve written is from my YA novel, and it’s my 15-year-old MC’s first kiss, with the cutest guy she’s ever seen. It turns out to be a complete disaster!

  • Julie says:

    OK, I’m not a writer, so I can’t answer that question, but I am a reader and this book sounds like something I would enjoy very much! Thanks for the giveaway and the awesome interview!

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  • Tanya Reimer says:

    Damn, I can’t look away long enough from this book cover to get back to my own writing! Love the interview.

    Hmmm. So what scene did I love to write? The scene where my hero gets nasty with the devil in Finding Balance. It was wild, it was fun, and I got to break EVERYTHING even the bed! hehe.

    What scene was the hardest to write? hmmm. I wrote it last in my newest book, Dying to Live, when my immortal finally gets to move on to the afterlife. It’s a very moving moment, and I hate writing mushy scenes, but I think the readers will be waiting for it. It actually turned out fine, but I had to write it from several POVs to get it just right. Plus, it was hard to tap into the peacefulness of Utopia with my children wrestling in the background. Ya know? ah. Life’s like that.

  • I have to agree with Tanya on the cover art – amazing! I’ve been missing old school, high fantasy covers and I’m glad to see a a new book handle it in such a brilliant way.

    The easiest scenes for me to write are ones that have the “good guys” doing horrible things. It’s fun to make a hero less than perfect.

    As to the other, I tend to struggle on the final pages. Once the climax is done…then what? Putting down the *perfect* paragraphs to end a book, requires a lot of writing, rewriting, hair pulling editing.

  • Damyanti says:

    Love the interview, and the cover looks great! I’m trying to get my e-book cover done, and I now know how much work and thought goes into it!

  • Mary Mary says:

    I’m not sure if MISERERE is my cup of reading tea, but I’ll usually try at least anything once. Fascinating cover!

    Let’s see . . . the hardest scene, right? I’d have to say it’s when I try to bring in a romance. Since my novels don’t primarily focus around a romance, I need to make sure they are believable and happen in a believable progression. If not, then everything with that couple has gone out the window.

    The easiest scenes, believe it or not, are the more violent ones. I get to let loose on the antagonist and who isn’t happy about that?

  • Very cool!! I love the whole exorcism idea. The book sounds really exciting! Great interview you two ;o) I’m kind of obsessed with religious stuff, especially the scary! So it sounds fantastic!

    Ooo let’s see. My favorite scene is the one where the MC gets drugged and ends up trying to kill the guy she loves. B, you know which one ;o)

    Awesome post!

  • Brenda Drake says:

    Lisa and Chistina, I love writing the climax too. I’ll get stuck on the beginning too. The hook is so tough for me sometimes.

    Lyn, that first kiss scene does sound like a blast to write.

    Julie, we love readers, so you’re entered!

    Tanya, your hero getting nasty with the devil sounds like a whole lot of fun. Your premise sounds intriguing.

    East Coaster, I love when good guys do horrible things.

    Damyanti, good luck with your ebook cover!

    Mary Mary, I find romance scenes difficult too. I’m not a very romantic person, so it’s a struggle.

    Erica, I do love that scene! 😀

  • Misha says:

    This is a great way to write an interview.

    I recently revised one of my favorite scenes and it gave me the warm and fuzzies. It just brings so much into focus for me.

    I used to hate writing an entire character’s storyline while I was drafting, but the character refused to let go. And then, right at the end of my rewrite, the character revealed himself. And that is probably my favorite scene in the entire story.


  • Traci says:

    My favorite scene to write was also my least favorite and most challenging at the same time. Its a death scene. After a bombing, my main character finds that one of her twin daughters has died and the other will not survive. The scene detailed her last interactions with the little girl. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and I cried the whole time I was writing it.

    My favorite part about it is that it shows a soft, tender side to an otherwise tough-as-nails character. It also helped that all my critique buddies mentioned that they cried through it as well. 😉

  • *looks both ways*

    Google has been nasty the last few times I’ve tried to comment here, but I’m going to give it one more shot …

    Definitely agreed that the first chapter is the hardest! However, that last chapter where we tie everything together can be just as daunting for me!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading ALL of your comments! Thanks so much for stopping by and making me feel so welcome!

    And thank you, Brenda, for giving me your time and a place on your blog, but also for giving away a copy of Miserere! 😉


  • I think the most difficult was Chapter One. Haha. I wanted to make sure I conveyed the exact feel of what the book would encompass. Took me about a dozen times to rewrite.

    Congrats on the release. Great storyline and beautiful cover.

  • Brenda Drake says:

    Congratulations, Tanya, on your win. I’m reading this now and am loving it!

  • Kimberly says:

    Great blog tour interview. I also love the cover!

  • Tanya Reimer says:

    OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’m so excited! Hopefully I can get pass the cover. Damn, is it ever hot, eh?
    It was fun reading everyone else’s comments too! hehe.

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