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Free Critique Opportunities for Writers from Author Lori Goldstein & Agent Lucy Carson!

Monday, 12 January 2015  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

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Today I have one of our Pitch Wars mentors, Lori Goldstein, on my blog. Her book Becoming Jinn releases April 21, 2015, and she has some exciting offers for you all. Welcome Lori!


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Free Query, First Page, and FULL Manuscript Critique Opportunity for Writers from Author Lori Goldstein and Agent Lucy Carson!

I have to do what to get what?

That’s what I thought in 2012 when I made the decision to take this writing thing to the next level. I purposely don’t say “take it seriously,” because I had been taking it seriously. I just didn’t know that there were many steps required for others to take it seriously.

Namely, query letters and agents.

Boy, was it an education. An education I was lucky enough to receive by getting critiques. Some of those critiques I received from writers and agents through charity auctions, some by paying for assistance, and a few from generous writers willing to give my pathetic excuse for a query a look.

Once I became better versed in what a good query, and first page, looked like, I combined this skill with my years of professional copyediting experience to pay it forward, offering free critiques and helping many writers with their work. I’m thrilled that I had a small role in several of those writers getting agents and book deals, including my 2013 Pitch Wars mentee, Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, who received a book deal for FIRSTS earlier this year.

Now, as April 21 and the release of my debut novel Becoming Jinn approaches, I’ve had less time to offer critiques.

And here’s a little secret: I miss it!

If you’re a writer, that’s a very good thing, because I’m throwing a…

Lori Door Prizes


In case you aren’t aware, preordering is one of the best things you can do for an author, especially a debut like me. Early sales are key for showing a publisher that there is demand for a book and this in turn can help increase support both in bookstores and internally on the marketing side. It even comes into play when authors go to sell their next books to their publishers.

Preorders are SO important that I’m offering a special thank you to the fabulous readers who snap up Becoming Jinn prior to release. And if you’ve already preordered Becoming Jinn, first THANK YOU! And second, I hope you held onto that receipt because you’re gonna need it!

Two Ways to Win

Writer or Reader? Choose Your Preorder Thank You!

I’m running two preorder campaigns*: one that will appeal to writers and one that will appeal to readers (or anyone who loves FREE things).

*one per receipt

Preorder Thank You for Writers: Runs January Only

Are you a writer? Querying? Polishing your final draft? Let me help you!

If you preorder Becoming Jinn by January 31 from any online or local retailer and e-mail me a copy of the receipt at becomingjinnpreorder@icloud.com, you will automatically receive a free query or first-page critique. Your choice!

Not enough of an incentive? Well, how about this: you will also be entered into a raffle to win a FULL MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE. For free. Free! (Max: 90,000 words)

What? You want MORE? MORE? Okay, you got it: Two lucky writers will be chosen at random to have their work critiqued by my fabulous, insightful, whip-smart agent, Lucy Carson of The Friedrich Agency. She’s offering one query critique and one first chapter critique. Getting agent feedback like this is a RARE opportunity you don’t want to miss!

All you have to do is preorder Becoming Jinn, but hurry! To quality for the free query or first-page critique and be entered into the raffle to win the full manuscript critique and agent critique, your receipt must be dated no later than January 31, 2015.

Preorder Thank You for Readers: Runs Until April 25

Not a writer, but already a Becoming Jinn fan? Then simply e-mail me a copy of your receipt, dated no later than April 25, 2015, and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of several gift cards to places like Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more in amounts ranging from $5-$25. The more preorders I get, the more gift cards I’ll offer! (I may even toss in a $50 one, so spread the word!)

To qualify for the gift card raffle, preorder or buy Becoming Jinn by April 25, 2015, from any online or local retailer and e-mail me a copy of the receipt
at becomingjinncontest@icloud.com. Winners will be chosen at random on April 27 and notified by e-mail.

As a special bonus, and to support my favorite local indie, if you preorder or buy from Porter Square Books by April 25, you’ll earn an EXTRA ENTRY in the raffle. Plus, you can then also get it SIGNED by me!

To order a signed/personalized copy from Porter Square Books, after you add Becoming Jinn to your cart, just enter “signed copy” and the name to make it out to in the comments field on Porter Square’s online ordering form. Then send me a copy of the receipt and you’ll earn two entries in the gift card raffle.

Here’s to a great 2015!

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  • C.L. McCollum (@C_L_McCollum) says:

    Oh man what an awesome critique offer! And that book sounds fantastic. *scampers off to pre-order*

  • TN Payne says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thanks so much for doing this. Do you have ebook version we can preorder or is it strictly hardback?

  • Diane Feaganes says:

    Look forward to reading “Becoming Jinn” and what a wonderful opportunity to offer your talents of critiquing. Thank you!

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