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EYES OF THE SEER … giveaway

Wednesday, 30 May 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake
I’m excited to give away an eBook copy of  EYES OF THE SEER. All you have to do is leave a post comment below. Tell us, what would you do with the gift of “sight” and could sense things before they happened?

Here’s something about the story…

Eyes of the Seer by Peter Dawes

Description: It all started with a murder. Two victims lay dead at the hands of Peter Dawes, but what laid in wait for him was not the sound of sirens or the banging of a gavel. It would turn a doctor into a killer and a man into a monster.

Follow Peter as he exchanges his blood-stained clothing for tailored suits, his scalpel for fine-crafted daggers, and is reinvented as the newest vampire-child in a coven of decadent sophisticates. He even takes on the name ‘Flynn’ – a child of red – in honor of his new-found devilish side and to further distance himself from his human past.

For four years, Flynn embodies every bit the bloody immortal he was sired to become. Under the reign of his maker, Sabrina, he establishes a reputation as the most feared assassin to ever terrorize the covens of Philadelphia. But the surefooted-steps and quick hands that make him a virtuoso when it comes to killing humans and vampires alike are attributes of the mortal destiny which haunts him even beyond death. And despite all efforts, Peter’s humanity is not as dead as some would prefer.

On the verge of completing their vie for power, Sabrina’s ‘dark-killer’ will suddenly find himself wrestling his devotion to his mistress when an impish sorceress named Monica awakens the hidden powers he was destined to possess. In this world of macabre and shrewdly practical immortal beings, will Flynn’s supernatural gifts be used to orchestrate the wicked deeds of his maker? Or can the cold-blooded nature of a vampire be warmed by the compassion of a Seer?

Buy it here…


Barnes & Noble 

Make sure to check out the second book in the series, REBIRTH OF THE SEER, which comes out July 25, 2012…

Come back soon to learn about some exciting events brewing in the blog pot. It’s going to be great!


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  • I would certainly warn people if they are about to do stupid things, especially if they were going to get hurt.

  • Brenda Drake says:

    Then I’d have to be your best friend, because I need one who can warn me about doing stupid things, which I do at least a few times each day. 😀

  • Tessa says:

    Stop crimes before they happened.

  • I think it would be a huge responsibility. I wouldn’t want to know that something bad was going to happen to someone I cared about…or to someone I didn’t care about either.

    Sounds like a great book though. 🙂

  • I agree with Sharon. I have anxiety enough as it is. Knowing bad things were actually *going to happen* instead of the *chance* that they could happen … that would probably cripple me! lol!

  • I think that I would exhaust myself trying to save everyone around me. I would never feel like I was doing enough if I lost even one person!

  • I would probably appoint myself someone’s guardian angel… and die of a heart attack soon after! I definitely need to win this book to show me how to do it right. 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    Well I want to be an emergency room physician so being able to see things before they happen would be perfect! If someone’s heart suddenly stopped and I saw it ahead of time, maybe those few extra seconds or minutes would be just enough for me to figure out what went wrong in order to prevent it from happening.

  • tangynt says:

    Oh darn, I don’t have an e-reader! Oh well, I’ll have fun anyway. If I had the gift, I would prevent horrible things from happening, if I could. And I would play the lottery something fierce, lol!

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