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A Pitch Wars Team Interview with Samantha Eaton and mentor, Jessica Bayliss

Tuesday, 5 February 2019  |  Posted by Lisa Leoni

Our mentors are editing, our mentees are revising, and we hope you’re making progress on your own manuscript! While we’re all working toward the Agent Showcase starting on February 6, 2019, we hope you’ll take a moment during your writing breaks and get to know our 2018 Pitch Wars Teams.

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Samantha Eaton
Jessica Bayliss
Jessica Bayliss
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Jessica, why did you choose Samantha?

I loved the darkness and chilling atmosphere in her book. I could literally see her world in my head. And I loved her fresh take on a monster story. The whole package inspired me, and I couldn’t wait to share my ideas with Samantha.

Samantha, why did you choose to submit to Jessica?

I chose Jessica because of her love for YA and her background as a clinical psychologist, as well as the personality that came through in her bio. I too love pizza and donuts! Also, she seemed SO enthusiastic about the horror genre, so that’s a plus too!

Jessica, summarize Samantha’s book in 3 words.

cold, claws, hunger

Samantha, summarize your book in 3 words.

Don’t trust trees

Jessica, tell us about yourself. Something we may not already know.

I can’t watch scary movies or read scary books if my husband is away. At bedtime, I will think about it and freak myself out. (I’ve been known to barricade my bedroom door with a clothes hamper.)

Samantha, what do you hope to get out of the Pitch Wars experience?

I hope to get some valuable skills to use throughout my writing career, as well as more writing pals! If I get an agent at the end, awesome, but either way, I am already learning so much!

Samantha, tell us about yourself! What makes you and your manuscript unique?

I am a work from home animal mom based in Coastal Maine, and my backyard is frighteningly similar to my MC’s backyard (hopefully minus the monsters. Unclear at this time, will report back.) Up until recently, my job also had me traveling 2-3 weeks a month to critical access hospitals in extremely rural communities. I am fascinated by those parts of the country, and the setting of most of my work is inspired by them. I still travel for fun, and love learning about local folklore and creepy stuff!

Check out Jessica’s latest release, TEN AFTER CLOSING!

I’m not even supposed to be here …

10PM: Closing time at Café Flores. The door should be locked, but it isn’t, Scott Bradley and Winsome Sommervil are about to become hostages.

TEN MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING: Scott’s girlfriend breaks up with him in the café’s basement storeroom because he’s late picking her up for the big end-of-the-year party. Now he can’t go to the party, but he can’t go home, either—not knowing if his dad will still be in a drunken rage. Meanwhile, Winny wanted one night to let loose, away from her mother’s crushing expectations. Instead, she’s stranded at the café after her best friend ditches her in a misguided attempt at matchmaking. 

TEN MINUTES AFTER CLOSING: The first gunshot is fired. Someone’s dead. And if Winny, Scott, and the rest of the hostages don’t come up with a plan soon, they may not live to see morning.

Told from both Winny and Scott’s perspectives, and alternating between the events leading up to and following the hold-up, TEN AFTER CLOSING is an explosive story of teens wrestling with their own challenges, thrown into circumstances that will test their very limits.

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