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2020 Mentor Query and First Page Critiques Workshop … Sign up now!

Monday, 10 August 2020  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

I’m thrilled to announce the Pitch Wars Mentor Critique Workshop featuring some of our talented current and past mentors! The mentors will help some lucky winners of our drawing shine up their queries and first pages. This year, we are giving away query and first page critique packages, so each winner will have both their query and first page critiqued. (How many times can I say query, first page, and critique in one paragraph? Ha!)

So far we have 67 critique packages to giveaway and we may have more. Mentors are still signing up until the 12th.

We will try to post all the critiques on the blog, so that even those who don’t win a critique in the drawing can view and learn from them. Please only enter if you’re willing to have it posted to our site. All critiques will be anonymous – no writer names or titles of work will be listed. 

This is for all genres in the middle grade, young adult, new adult, and adult categories of fiction. We do have mentors taking memoir, graphic novels, and erotica. Winners will be announced on August 17 at 10AM (the drawing will close August 16 at 11:59PM) Eastern and winners will receive an email, so be ready to submit your sample for critique immediately.You will have 48 hours from the date of your instruction email to get your query and first page package to us.  If you miss the window, your critique will be given away.

What if I’m not sure I’m going to enter Pitch Wars?  That’s okay! Everyone is welcomed to enter the giveaway.

All you have to do is to enter this rafflecopter. One entry per person. (Or you can click this link to access the rafflecopter: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/dd6a04e128/?


Here are the winners for the mentor critiques … Winners will receive an instruction email shortly. Please follow the directions and send in your samples within 48 hours of the dated email. Thank you!

Winner Name
Cynthia Cloughly
Kimberly A. Zook
Sarah Petzold
Joseph Othieno
Lea Beddia
Brianna Faulkner
Rachel Larkin
Petra Kelly
Bronwen Fleetwood
Keeley French
Lisa Davidson
Ben Humeniuk
Jessica Spencer
Ciahnan Darrell
Sarah Foil
Skyla Arndt
Ellis Jones
Paula K. McLaughlin
Ashton Ray
Heather Davis
Susan Poole
Uma Hamzic
Cory Adams
Jess Lake
John Previti
Meredith Jeffers
Abigail Burke
Romany Heartford
Quinn Gold
Julie Affleck
Sarah Lael
Tonya Preece
Jessie Nees
Megan Lynch
Rusty Armstrong
Judy Broad
Jesse Liberty
Renee Stevens
Kim Crow
Ivelisse Rodriguez
Gaye Sanders
Tammy Bird
Juie Shattuck
Cynthia Kadlec Sullivan
Eric Haan
Ren White
Angelica Ellis
Jericho Leonard
Billy Wittenberg
Alison Luff
Ann Jensen
Jae Chun
Meredith Crosbie
Marena Galluccio
Kiley Orchard
Trish Renee
Alex Kaslovsky
Nithya Angadi
Nick Curtis
Karen Lee
Will Luckman
Brittany Valdez
Rob Teplitz
Heather Marie Spitzberg
Bonny Fawn
Annia Dowell-Wiltshire
Maria Pawlak
Kate Ferrall
Jenny Perinovic
Nicole Rubino
Imani Joseph
Laura Rose Gold
Danielle Ott
Logan Stoves
Siana LeForest
Ashlee Hashman
JT Yamamoto
Daniel Romero
Melissa McKinnon
Carolyn Ziegler
Meghan Tomlinson
N.C. Kay
Sasha Thomas
Jeff Faville
Elizabeth C. Chestney
Cathy Gove
Stephanie Whitaker
Marie Davies
Wendy Blankenship
Rachael Robinson
Maggie Wheeler
Pat Scaramuzza
Morgan Watchorn
Rachel Rowlands
Nicole Fitton


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