So did you hook a teen? … We have results!

We’re hooked!
I want to thank everyone who participated. You all are so talented and kind, I’m so happy that everyone enjoyed themselves. On Jennifer M. Eaton’s blog she summed up my feelings about blogfests and contests. They are wonderful opportunities to get critiques on your work and meet other bloggers. You can read Jennifer’s post here

And now, I’m happy to turn the bog over to our fantabulous judges at …

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First of all, we really enjoyed reading these entries! It’s amazing to see what could be on the shelves in a few years.

 Here’s a list of the stories which successfully hooked Taryn
Legacy, Ruhe, Cracked, The Last Daughter of Elhamair, The Reluctant Assassin, Awaken, She Knows Death, The Stars Fell Sideways, Alexithymia, Nocturne, A Handful of Scars, The Green Ray of the Sun, Original, Jump Boys, Blindspot, The Lion Within, The Glass Prince, Chick Magnet, School of the Guardians, The Girl with Brown Eyes, Erth Won.

Here’s a list of the stories which successfully hooked Kate: 

The Stars Fell Sideways, Cracked, The Last Daughter of Elhamair, Alexithymia, Nocturne, Jump Boys, The Lion Within, The Girl with Brown Eyes, Simon’s Oath, Scratches, Rivers Underneath, Unnatural, The Unhappening of Genesis Lee, Bound, Become, The Swift, Speaking of You, The Other Prince, None so Blind, Graceful Death, I’m Game, The Moongate.

Congratulations to all of you for hooking a teen! 

And now to the winners: 

Taryn’s Runner-Up: RUHE 
Kate’s Runner-Up: THE LION WITHIN 
Winner (chosen because we both loved it): 
The winner receives a $50 credit and the two runners up each receive a $25 credit from Teen Eyes Editorial Services. Winners please email me at brenleedrake(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prizes.

Stop by the DNA Writers blog to win a copy of Heather McCorkle’s The Secret of Spruce Knoll for Banned Books Week. 

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