Pitch Wars! … the winners

Pitch Wars and the #PitMad twitter party last week was such a success. I want to thank all the mentors for making this such a wonderful event. I’m so proud of this community and how respectful and encouraging everyone is to their fellow writers. I hope we hear of many successes from the event. Please keep me updated on your requests!

So here’s the winner of each category…

The young adult winner and all around winner of a $20 Amazon gift card each is:

NAME: Janet B Taylor
MENTOR: Heather Webb

The adult winner of a $15 Amazon gift card each is:

NAME: Sarah Henning
MENTOR: Rebecca A. Weston

The middle grade winner of a $15 Amazon gift card each is:

NAME: Alexia Chamberlynn

MENTOR: Heidi Schulz

(I should have all your emails and will email your gift cards tomorrow.)

Congratulations winners!

And a round of applause for all our mentors! If you’re not following make sure you do, they are all awesome peeps to know!

Deanna Romito

Heidi Schulz

Krista Van Dolzer

Jennifer Malone

  Brent Taylor
 Brent Taylor

Summer Heacock

Tina Moss

Shelley Watters

 Rebecca Weston

Nazerea Andrews

Elizabeth Penney
Elizabeth Penney

   Suzanne Palmieri
Suzanne Palmieri

   Susan Spann
Susan Spann

Andrea Hannah


Dahlia Adler 

 Deana Barnhart

Elizabeth Briggs

Elizabeth Prats

Erica Chapman

Fiona McLaren

Gina Ciocca

Heather Marie

 Heather Webb


John Hansen

Kimberly P. Chase

Lindsay Smith

 Lori M. Lee

Marieke Nijkamp

Michelle Painchaud

Molly Elizabeth Lee

Monica B.W.

Sharon Johnston


Stacey H. Lee

 Danielle Ellison
Danielle Ellison

  Sarah Nicolas
Sarah Nicolas’ pick

And don’t forget, our next contest is fast approaching. The semi-annual PITCH MADNESS. So get your 35 word (max) pitches and the 1st 250 words (if it falls in the middle of a of sentence go to the end) ready to pitch!


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