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If your brain has been addled by caffeine (like mine), then we should all grab a quick recap of what Pitch Wars is: 125 writers are mentored for 2 months on their manuscripts, and there’s an Agent Round where a select group of Literary Agents can make requests on this plum pick of shiny Pitches (50 words) and Excerpts (first 250 words). *refueling breath*

All caught up? Awesome. How about some math? Yes? I can feel your excitement. Come, dance with me through the forest of standard deviations and trends. Please be mindful of other visitors, and try not to take a big bite out of the pie charts. I know they look delicious.

This post will contain three sections:

  1. The Authors
  2. The Books
  3. The Main Characters
  4. …want more stats?

We’ll cover the statistics of things from the diversity of our characters to the diversity of our authors, the changes that happened these last two months, and the genres and word counts of our stories.

This data was gathered from a survey that was taken by 81 of the 125 Mentees. That means there’s about an 8% margin for error in all gathered data (at a 95% confidence interval!). Gosh, the math has started already!

The Authors (Mentees)

Let’s get some base stats of our Pitch Wars Mentees (Authors). There were nearly 1600 applicants, and 125 lucky writers were chosen. That’s about an 8% chance of getting in!







The Books


There were 125 Mentees, and that means 125 books! Let’s take a look at the variety the Mentees came up with this year!








The Main Character

We all want a more diverse and more accepting world, and that includes the worlds authors create for their books! So let’s see where the 2015 Pitch Wars books fit!

MCethnicity    MClove



Want More?

Want to know more about the 2015 Mentees and their manuscripts? Want to know what Hogwarts House they’re sorted into? Or how many books feature an explosion*? Or how many books they wrote before they got into Pitch Wars?

Visit my blog to check out these Additional Pitch Wars Stats!

*for the purposes of pyromania, “big fires” are counted as explosions.

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