It’s on! Auntie B’s Book Club Blogfest Contest . . . post your entries now!
Auntie B’s Book Club Contest
July 17 -20 
2nd Update 7/28/11: The girls are almost done reviewing your entries and I’ll have their comments and picks up on August  2 and the winners up on August 3.

Update: The girls are busy reading, making comments on each entry, and picking their top two on their lists. I’ll post each girl’s comments as soon as they are finished. Please be patient and again thank you for participating in the contest.

It’s time to post your entries for the contest to your blogs, get feedback, and then email your entry to with ‘Auntie B’s Book Club Contest’ in the subject line of your email by 11:59PM EST on July 20th. You can start sending your entries now, if you’re ready.

The girls have decided to do a picking round. In turn, each girl will pick the entries they would want to read by the title and pitch alone. When the entries have been divided between them, they will read each one and pick their top two. Then each girl will have a post date where they announce their pick for the semi-finalists, and then they will critique each entry in their batch.

Here’s all the other details… 

How it’s going down… 

On July 17 post a 35-word pitch (no more than 35 words) and the first 250 words (you may go a little over to finish a sentence only) of your manuscript on your blog. Get feed back from your followers, and then hop around and critique the other participants’ entries. When you’re ready to post your entry, come back here and post it to the entry post. It will be up on July 17, and you’ll have until 11:59 PM EST on July 20th to enter it. The girls will then read each one and pick the top three that caught their attention.The ones they would pick up and buy in  a book store.

Your entry should look like this…

Title: (The Title of Your Book)
Genre: (enter genre here such as YA Fantasy or whatever)
Pitch: (enter your 35 word pitch line here – no more than 35 words)
Excerpt: (enter your first 250 words here – don’t cut off a sentence – go to the end – don’t try to go to the end of a paragraph)

What genres can you enter…?

My girls love it all. If your main character is 12 to 25,  the girls will read it. Any genre. Please no profanity.

Well, yeah, of course there are prizes for the top three…

The winner will receive a 10 page plus a synopsis critique, and two runners up will receive either a 10 page or a synopsis critique from the fabulous Cassandra Marshall agent intern/editor/cover art designer/writer extraordinaire. Cassandra’s edits and critiques are so awesome, they’re like having a writing coach. With her suggestions and by her pointing out my weakness, I was able to take my writing to a higher level. Plus her services are affordable.

Meet our judges…
Choir Girl:  Able to hit a high note in a single breath. She’s the baby of the group. Next year she’ll be a senior. Her interests are romance, historical, and really cool memoirs. She does love vampire stories as well.


Drama Girl: Able to shed a tear on command. She’ll be going to California to college in the fall. Her interests are anything Jane Austen, mysteries, thrillers, and of course, anything with hot boys in it.

Book Girl: Able to read a book in a day. She’s going back East to college in the fall. She loves all genres! She’s read the Harry Potter series like five times or so. Her favorite genre is anything fantasy. She wanted me to tell you it isn’t about the genre for her, but more about the story and characters.

 Sports Girl: Able to out run all of us on a basketball court. She’s off to Colorado for college in the fall. She loves anything to do with sports and boys. She likes strong female and sarcastic male main characters. She likes more of the edgy stuff. If it’s gross, she’s your girl. 

Here’s a list of all the participants. Go visit their sites and help them out. And it’s not too late to join in on all the fun. You can enter until the contest closes at 11:59PM EST on July 20th. Sign up now!

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