After The Madness Workshop … wrap up


Well, we made it through the After The Madness Workshop, and now, it’s time to put up my feet and relax a little. If you participated in the workshop, please go around and critique your fellow work-shoppers’ entries. It’s always nice to give back, and you never know, one of them may become your critique partner. That’s how I’ve met my critique partners, through participating in events such as this.

Do me a favor and show some love to my wonderful partners-in-crime, Erica Chapman, Shelley Watters, and the fantabulous writers over at YAtopia. Go to their sites, comment, and follow them. They all are wonderful writers to know. I couldn’t have done this without them. Oh, and of course, I’d love it if you followed me too.

As you’ve heard so many times before, likes are subjective. I might feel one way about your entry and someone else may feel a different way about it. I really enjoyed reading and commenting on all the entries. There is definitely an understanding about writing among all the participants. Sometimes, we just aren’t starting our story in the right place or we’re bogging it down with too many details. Take a breath. Turn all the suggestions in your head. And then, go with your gut and revise what you think needs fixing. You are the creator of your own story. If the rejections start piling up, you may want to revisit your convictions about your story. Listen to your readers and adjust what you feel will make the story better.

My journey to getting an agent was a long one–filled with rejections, insecurities, and joys. Along the way, I’ve meet new friends, made horrible mistakes, and grew as a writer. I never gave up. So hopefully none of you will. If you don’t continue, you’ll never reach the prize. It only takes one yes!

Come back soon. I’ll be giving away books, maybe doing some critiques, and will announce The Writers Voice contest coming in May.

Until next time…

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