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Redesign A Book Cover Blogfest Contest … win a prize from CA Marshall

Friday, 10 June 2011  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

The fabulous Cassandra Marshall, agent intern/freelance editor/writer/cover art creator has agreed, yet again, to hold another contest on my blog. Yes, she loves me that much! This one is so fun, I’m actually giddy about it. We’re always working on our pitches and pages that we seldom take the time to think beyond the manuscript. So this one is all about book covers. You heard me right … book covers.

Cassandra Marshall
This is a launch party!
Cassandra has added another wonderful service to her blog here. She’s offering Cover Art Creations at such great prices. Check it out and don’t forget to take a look at her editing services. They’re well worth the won’t-break-your-piggy-bank cost. 
How does it work, you ask? 
Well, simply redesign a book cover of any book you like. You can even design one for your own manuscript. Use anything like Word, Paint Shop, a photograph, clip art … or whatever gets the job done (see my poor attempt at creating one above). It can be funny, serious, or just, I don’t know, funny. Sign up on the linky below, post it to your blog on Friday, June 17, hop to all the participating blogs, and have fun. A panel of secret judges will go to each blog and pick the top ten. On Tuesday, they’ll be displayed on my blog for you all to vote on. Simple.
Please note: You must include a link to every image you use in your post if you do not own the image.
With any contest there are prizes (well, on my blog there are always prizes). 
The winner will receive a professional cover art design by CA Marshall. Check out her new Cover Art Creation service here: CA Marshall Services. It can be used for many things, like relaunching a book, self-publishing, and if you’re not quite there yet, to put on your blog to showcase your fantabulous story. Two runner ups will receive a surprise prize (yeah, it’s a tongue tangle). 
Here’s a sampling of Cassandra’s beautiful work *sigh*.

What are you waiting for? 
Sign up now! 

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