PW #372: Young Adult Diverse YA Fantasy: SORROW’S HEIR

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentors’ Names: Tomi Adeyemi and Kester ‘Kit’ Grant

Mentee’s Names: Gillian Berry


Category: Young Adult

Genre: Diverse YA Fantasy

Word Count: 105,000



With only one foot and a bottle of stolen memories to her name, Ria Prevast has no chance of escaping Krasia’s frozen wasteland. Not until she meets Zev Rozik and his crew of criminals.

Rumors claim one princess survived the guns of the Krasik revolution. Zev has come to find her. And now Ria will become her.

But Zev is not the only one after the heir.

And Ria is not the only one who’s lying.


Ria was sure the mist was watching.

Gossamer fog brushed the back of her neck like a close whisper, but she refused to shudder. If she showed how uneasy she felt sneaking along the palace gate to search for a Ria-sized gap in the bars, Eliska would never follow her through. If Ria betrayed one ounce of fear, her best friend would sink inside herself and never come out.

Acting brave was a tall order when you were a short person standing in the shadow of the Imperial Palace, but Ria was nothing if not stubborn.

The colorless city lay at her back, muted by dawn and a mantle of silver mist that threaded Ria’s ankles. She kicked it aside, but it only clung tighter. Fear spiked through her.

As long as the fog stayed still, they were safe.

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