PW #319: Young Adult Historical: ENGINEERING KIT SINCLAIR

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Diana Gallagher & Katrina Emmel

Mentee Name: Lana Pattinson


Category: Young Adult

Genre: Historical

Word Count: 65,000


MAD WICKED FOLLY in Victorian Glasgow

Unsatisfied with the prospect of marriage and death by embroidery, Kitty Kerr defies society’s expectations by posing as Mr. Kit Sinclair, Distillery Engineer. But Father threatens to merge the company–and her–with their arch enemy. Kitty must protect her secret identity and evade marriage, or risk losing her chance at independence.


Blazes, Kitty had to dress quickly if she wanted to be taken seriously as a man. The carriage’s closed velvet divider ensured privacy as she shed one dreadful identity and cloaked herself in another. But nothing could conceal the rather fishy stench—and sooty ship’s exhaust—emanating from the docks of the River Clyde.

She tugged on her linen work shirt, the rough fabric snagging the chestnut braid pinned on her head. Dressed, she pushed the curtain aside. “You may look now,” Kitty murmured, her teeth rattling from wheels clattering on cobblestones. “Can you see—?”

“Hound’s tooth, Kitty! You cannot ask your brother to observe your chest.” Finlay shielded his brown eyes with his top hat, and waved her off, muttering. “This is most inappropriate.”

Oh, this was going to be fun. Kitty rubbed her hands together. “You seem flustered. Surely you’ve had ample opportunity to observe—”

“I implore you to leave other women’s bubbies out of this.” He barked a laugh. “You won’t come out the winning end of that comparison.”

“Get stuffed!” Kitty blew out a breath. It wasn’t fair that females couldn’t work in distilleries. She had superior mechanical skills compared to the men in her family. She buttoned up the woolen vest, the frigid February air stiffening her exposed fingers.

“Friends?” Finlay dangled a velvet pouch from one finger.

Kitty snatched the bag, withdrawing cream-colored calling cards that read: Mr. Kit Sinclair, Distillery Engineer for hire.

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