PW #302: NA Science Fiction: TRACES

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Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Molly Lee
Mentee Name: C. L. McCollum
Category: NA
Genre: SciFi
Word Count: 90,000


GI Jane meets The Matrix when a terrorist attack triggers telepathic abilities in Cadet Madeline Ray, landing her on the elite Psy-Ops One team. Her chemistry with her new CO, Trace, is worth crossing professional lines, and together they must eliminate the terrorist threat before the civilian population pays the price.


The first sign that Maddie’s day had gone utterly FUBAR was the voice shouting orders in her head.

“Get down!” The voice had all the patience of her first drill instructor, and like a good cadet, Maddie dropped to her knees without hesitation. Then she glimpsed the second sign her day was well and truly fucked, as several bullets slammed into the wall behind her. Through her shock, she realized the shots would have impacted at chest and head height, had the ghost in her head not gotten there first.

“Shit!” She didn’t need to hear the voice’s next order to move her ass. Maddie shot to her feet and darted out of the side street and onto the main lane, hoping she was headed in the opposite direction of the shooter.

“Get off the main road, Cadet. Take the next left.” He was male, which she hadn’t caught during the first bark of orders. His voice was gruff and strained in her mind, carrying an edge of annoyance which had her rolling her eyes as she ran.

“You know… If you exist… A little explanation would be nice right about now!” she panted out as she turned the corner as the voice had directed. The sound of roaring air warned an unknown hover vehicle had turned in behind her, and she lengthened her stride, grateful she was in civilian clothes instead of the full uniform she wore for classes and work.


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