PW #254: YA Contemporary Science Fiction: JANEY DOE

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Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Sarah Nicolas
Mentee Name: Leigh Mar
Young Adult
Contemporary Science Fiction
Word Count:


Sixteen-year-old Janey thought she’d moved on from a past she can’t remember. When an old friend tracks her down, bringing her lost memories with him, Janey must choose between the life she forgot and the family she found.

Fans of A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU will need to know who this Jane Doe is.


September 6

I’ve been writing in this journal all summer. But you know that, you’ve seen me do it.

It’s not really in any kind of order. It’s just things that popped into my mind, and then I would write them down. It’s memories and stories and feelings and… everything.

I hoped that it would help me with the decision I faced today. Now I’m hoping it can help you understand why I chose what I did.

I love you.

And I’m so, so sorry.

Janey Gibson

Chapter 1

It’s funny how rarely you can pinpoint the exact moment events are put into motion that change your entire life.

“I know we’re all thrilled to be back in school.” Mrs. Marinello’s voice boomed through the classroom.

She stood barely five feet tall. Her lectern practically eclipsed her, but her presence overshadowed her stature. The chatter stopped.

I slid my hand into the pocket of my bag and hoped my sister hadn’t stolen my last pen. My fingers grazed, and then grabbed it only to discover the top missing. I flipped to a new page in my notebook and tried to wipe the splotches of excess ink from my fingers. No luck.

“Before spring break we were—”

A knock at the door interrupted Mrs. Marinello.

I can trace the exact moment my life derailed to that knock.


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