PW #211: Middle Grade Magical Realism (#ownvoices): GOLEM SCIENCE

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Caela Carter

Mentee: Stacey Goldstein


Category: Middle Grade

Genre: Magical Realism (#ownvoices)

Word Count: 47,000


Eleven-year-old Rachel Shem thinks life is all about science, not religion. She wants to get nominated for the biggest of all science fairs, the Broadcom MASTERS. But when she creates a Golem – a mud monster who protects the Jewish people – she might have to admit science can’t solve everything. And she’s got to figure out the real theory of evolution quick, because Golem is growing. And becoming dangerous.


Raising tadpoles in the house wasn’t my best idea. Even the most careful scientific experiments have miscalculations. This project clearly isn’t “the one” because I must have found the mutant ninja frogs of Florida. They completely skipped over the froglet stage of life and sprouted legs overnight. And I have no idea how one got in the fridge.

Once that little green monster jumps out of the butter tray and attacks Mom, I know the jig is up. If that isn’t bad enough, he actually leaps into her coffee. Frog slime instead of cream.

I scoot behind the wall between my room and the kitchen as soon as her screams hit the air. I’d already caught and released four of them and was hopping around to find the others before anyone noticed.

“Stephen!” Mom yells for Dad in the voice she reserves for bugs in the house. Or axe murderers.

The smell of freshly baked muffins fills the air and my stomach lurches. I hope none of my guys accidently made it into the oven. My desire to check is warring with the knowledge that there is nothing I can do for my dearly departed frog brethren. The muffins do smell amazing.
I push my nose into the air. A definite hint of pistachio. And nothing of frog or flesh.

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