PW #150: Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy: THE FORK REPORT

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: David Mealing

Mentee Name: Vernon Hedrick


Category: Adult

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Word Count: 109,000 words


Heartbroken, Nate accepts work as a “forker”. While transporting packages across several alternate Americas, he learns an inter-dimensional war is coming. He must choose between a utopia built on slave labor or an older, stranger civilization. Sliders meets Iran-Contra.


I have a tube sticking out of my chest. That’s new. But, Dr. Jansen tells me, that’s just one of the fun things that one can expect when one gets shot in the lungs with an AK-47. In fact, Dr. Jansen tells me, when one gets shot in the lungs with an AK-47, the tube in the chest is actually the best possible outcome. So I should just stop complaining about it already, alright?

And I would stop. But it hurts like hell and it’s been draining blood and pus for a week now. I’d hoped that medical science would be more advanced in this world.

But here I lie. My arm in a cast. My chest is covered in bandages. My head has been shaved because of the lice. I live in a world of itch now. I sleep too much and I dream too much but I’m on the mend. That’s what Dr. Jansen says. And the tube is coming out soon. That’s something to look forward to anyway.

I’m better off than the guy in the bed next to me. I don’t know what fork he’s come back from, but he left a leg there and he will not shut up about it. “This isn’t what I signed up for,” he keeps saying.

This hospital bed isn’t what I signed up for either. I signed up to see the world. I signed up to see several worlds. I signed up to be all that I could be and to watch all nine seasons of Firefly.

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