PW #135: Adult Speculative Fiction (mystery): SHARDS OF SOULS

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor: Nazarea Andrews
Mentee: Elesha Teskey
Category/Genre: Adult Speculative Fiction (mystery)
Word Count: 88,000


Cole Lachlan and his brother Reese use their abilities to hold souls to save lives. When Reese disappears, Cole discovers evidence suggesting his brother is involved in soul trafficking. Cole needs to use his illicit past to fight a cult and crooked cops to find his brother before they both lose their souls.


I tapped the steering wheel in agitation. “Come on,” I muttered as the thick traffic hit a standstill. I was only a few blocks from the collision where paramedics waited for me. Every second weighed on me knowing someone’s life was at risk. With all our ingenious technological advances, you’d think someone would have solved traffic problems by now.

“Shit.” I killed my cruiser’s siren and guided it into an alley. Looked like I was on foot; at least I travelled light. The only thing I needed to do my job was me.

I hopped out of the car, my heart pounding as I sprinted between stationary vehicles with their irritated drivers.

The com clipped to my belt went off a second time.

“I’m coming,” I grumbled.

Looky-Lous stood beside their vehicles, craning their necks towards the collision, until they heard me yell at them to get out of my way. When they turned, it took a second before their eyes widened. People expected Necros to have black hair and white eyes. My dirty blond hair and blue eyes often threw them off, but there was no missing my black uniform identifying me as a Necro Enforcement Constable (NEC), which sent people scrambling out of the way to avoid touching me.

You’d think I’d come for their souls.

I ignored the fear and suspicion radiating off people. I didn’t have time for their nonsense.


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  • I’d love to take a look! Can you send along the query (pasted into the body of the email) and the first 50 pages (attached as a .doc) when you have a moment to querylisa [at] awfulagent [dot] com? Also, please include Pitch Wars and the title in the subject line. Thanks!

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