PW #133: Adult Urban Fantasy: THE ICE MAIDEN

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Emma Wicker

Mentee Name: Jessica Gorbet


Category: Adult

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 87,000


To clear her debts in Valhalla, Inga, an ice-wielding immortal must take mortal form and pose as a law student in present day Boston to track down Norse trolls and save Odin’s daughter from becoming a blood sacrifice—all while keeping Loki at bay and out of her pants.


Forget what you’ve heard about Valhalla. I’ve seen your mortal depictions. They’re all wrong. You’re missing its bellow of vitality. The miles of walls hung with chain-mail rippling like a silver sea. A roof of beaten gold pulsing like a blazing summer sun. The clamor of the fallen warriors and battle cries of the Valkyries. Valhalla, hall of Odin. Odin the High King. Odin the terrible.

Odin soon to be related to me by marriage.

The High King rose from his throne at our approach. The flickering candlelight of Valhalla shone in the lines of his face and the gray of his hair shot through with silver. He fixed me with his one fjord blue eye. The eye that some say can tell truth from lie.

“High King.” I dropped to one knee like a warrior. I don’t curtsy.

“Rise, Inga, daughter of Gymir,” Odin commanded. “Is this not a glorious occasion, the marriage of your sister to Frey? Does it not speak of further peace among our realms?”

“A glorious occasion,” I echoed.

Odin frowned. “Are you certain she is yours, Gymir? She offers so few words.”

Father fidgeted beside me, while Brandt, my constant companion and fellow guardsman these last three centuries, strangled down a snort. “You are gracious to honor us with this feast,” I offered. My gaze slid to Odin’s sword.

His eye gleamed. “Balmung,” he said, though I knew its name. Give me some credit. I live in a realm of ice, not under a rock.

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