PW #131: Adult Contemporary Interracial Romance (#ownvoices): #INTERCEPTED

Manuscript Status: Finished

Mentor Name: Kara Leigh Miller & Meredith Ireland
Mentee Name: Alexa Martin
Category: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance (own voices: biracial)
Word Count: 85,000


When Marlee Harper learns her NFL-star boyfriend is wide-receiving other women, she swears off athletes, but new quarterback Gavin proves irresistible. Unfortunately, between the teammates’ wives and the rabid fans, their love may not last the season when REAL HOUSEWIVES meets ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.


For the first three years, it’s fun being a pro-football player’s girlfriend.

“Marlee, let me see your hand! Did Chris propose yet?” Amber asks.

I’m in year ten.

“Still naked.” I wiggle my fingers in front of her the same way I did last week and the week before that…and the week before that. #HeDidntPutARingOnIt

Sometimes, I like to hashtag my life. #CheaperThanTherapy

I sip my margarita. “When it happens, I promise to let you know.” Or you know, keep asking every time you see me.

“Marlee.” Courtney sighs. She stands at the head of the table clutching a glitter-coated gavel. “We made exceptions for you to join the Lady Mustangs. Try to acknowledge that and save your little side conversation until we’ve finished.”

“Sorry, Court.” Every time I call her Court, she strains her Botoxed forehead and glares my direction, so obviously, it’s the only thing I call her. Well, sometimes I call her bitch, but she doesn’t know about that.

“As I was saying, the Annual Lady Mustangs Fashion Show is in three weeks. Everyone must attend the next meeting so we can discuss the outfits for you and your husbands.”

I catch her eye again. She raises her chin, and her fat-injected lips form an actual smile. #HoldOntoYourButts

“Oh, I’m sorry. In your case, Marlee, you and your boyfriend.

See? Bitch.

“Thanks for the clarification, Court, but I understood.” My fingernails dig into my palm as I fight the urge to ask if one of her husband’s girlfriends will be joining the festivities.

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