PW #122: New Adult Contemporary Romance: ONE HUNDRED AND ONE CHANCES

MANUSCRIPT STATUS: 1 month delivery

Mentor: Marie Meyer
Mentee: Brianna Lespinasse
Category/Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 80,000


Kira is days away from killing herself when she confesses her plan to Chase, her handsome neighbor. Determined to rekindle her passion for life, Chase proposes a bucket list—one hundred and one challenges to help Kira remember that life and love are worth fighting for. All she has to do is hold on.


I’ve been wandering between rows of headstones and delicately placed bouquets for over an hour. It doesn’t usually take this long to reach him, but today is different. Every time I start to get close, my legs take me down a different path—a path with statues and memorial trees and headstones with names that aren’t his. It shouldn’t have taken me weeks to come back, but once I made my decision I couldn’t face him. He would be disappointed in me. He’d be angry.

He won’t change my mind.

I reach an intersection I’ve gone through four times now, but instead of turning away I head where I’m supposed to go. My heart rate quickens with each step and I wring my hands in anticipation. I’m nearly there. Seconds away. A lump forms in my throat when his grave marker comes into view, and I slow my gait, letting the final few moments last as long as possible.

I fall to my knees, and trace his name with my fingers—letters that will forever mark his absence from my family. I cling to the smooth marble and close my eyes, biting back tears. If I start crying I’ll never stop, and I need to get through this. I need to tell Grant my plan. I owe him that much. When I’m confident opening my mouth won’t release a sob, I let go of the cool stone and sit back on my heels.

“Hi, big brother.”


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  • This sounds fascinating! I’d love to take a look at the first 50 pages. Please feel free to send it along with the query, synopsis and chapter summaries to nicole [at] goldenwheatliterary [dot] com.



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