Pitch Madness Entry B-12: LISTEN TO ME

Genre: YA Contemporary with a time-twist
Word Count: 89,000
When Stacy looks in the mirror she can talk to her future self. But her future self lies. A lot. And it could cost Stacy the love of her life.
He’s made his office look like a living room, complete with coffee table squatting between us. Too bad the door has a combination lock. Kind of kills the good-time vibe.
As he sinks into a chair, he looks just like a doctor should: greying hair, a well-trimmed beard, badger-stripes framing his lips, and wire-rimmed glasses he must have purchased in the last ten years… as opposed to those polyester shirt and pants.
“How are you today, Stacy?” His voice is too loud for the muted tones of the room — all earthy browns and soft corners. Even the furniture whispers.
I start to shrug, then freeze until the razors of pain ease. My stitches are all out now, but the hard, pink lines spider webbing across most of my upper body are a pitiful excuse for healing. Underneath I am still many layers of mangled nerve endings and fractured flesh.

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