Genre: YA Mystery

Word Count: 50,000


Sixteen-year-old Bea Pearl is not crazy. She has a brother. But no one—not even her parents—seems to remember him.


I haven’t said my brother’s name out loud since Momma hit me with a catfish. I ran out of the kitchen, wide-eyed, holding the dead fish and my bloody arm. When I found Daddy, he rubbed the fish’s slime on the puncture wound to help with the pain. The throbbing dimmed to a dull ache though my throat remained too tight, holding back my tears. He warned me never to mention my brother around Momma again.

As I say his name into the phone receiver, it tastes like that sweet moment caramel goes from hard to chewy. “Jim.” It’s a short name but I try to savor the way my teeth click and lips touch.

“Yeah, Jim Montgomery. Is he there?”

I don’t recognize the voice, maybe because I’m more focused on the echo of my brother’s name in my head. “No.” It comes out as a whisper so I clear my throat. “No, Jim’s not here.” I just want another excuse to say my missing brother’s name out loud. As if saying it aloud will bring him home.

“Can I leave a message? When will he be back?”

I cradle the phone on my shoulder and rub the little puckered scar on my forearm. Even though the surrounding skin is tan, it remains stark white. “I don’t know.” I hang up as the wooden creak of a floorboard behind me makes me jump.

Daddy winks at me as he enters the kitchen with an empty coffee cup in hand.

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Mr. Boddy is found sitting at his desk in the Study with a wound that entered through his eye and exited the back of his head. A proposal to invest in a broken down estate in Africa is splattered with blood on the desk.

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