Pitch Madness # B-14 YA Urban Fantasy: DUSTED

# B-14: YA Urban Fantasy: DUSTED

When human-pixie hybrid Brina starts producing too many kinds of pixie dust, her status slips from strange to bizarre, a vital secret unravels, and some ruthless rebels launch a world-changing coup—with Brina’s unwilling assistance.

Brina knew better than to go out in public looking less than her questionable best. But she was late, it was rush hour, and home was thirty minutes away by car . . . but only ten by air. So she dumped her school bag, gym bag, and purse in her best friend Moira’s closet, threw open the window, and sat on the sill.

“Watch out for birds,” Moira said, pulling the ponytail holder out of her long blue hair and toeing off her gym shoes. “It’s not faster if you have to go to the hospital again.” Then she smirked, lifted one slender, light blue hand, and headed off to her shower.

Brina stuck her tongue out at Moira’s long blue wings, gripped the edge of the window sill, and closed her eyes. Concentrating on the gland behind her heart, she started pushing Black pixie dust through her body.

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