Pitch Madness # B-11 Young Adult Paranormal: CHANGELING

# B-11 Young Adult Paranormal: CHANGELING

A spell-challenged teen witch must find her inner witchiness to work with a human changeling, find a serial Pixie killer and restore balance in Faery.

Another spell gone kaput.

Skye blew out the pink candles.  No matter how hard she tried, they never worked.  Maybe asking for Tanner to declare his undying love was too much of a stretch.

Bet her BFF Callie could do it.

Skye whipped out her cell phone, then stopped.  Callie would say it was wrong to request a specific person’s love.  Easy for her to say.  She had a boyfriend.  Skye could hear Callie only do a spell to make yourself open to love–the right person will come along.

As if there could be anyone for her but Tanner.

 No, what she really needed was courage.  She should tell Tanner how she felt.  It was possible he was blind to her feelings.

The crunch of gravel in the driveway startled her and Skye opened the curtain.  Tanner’s old Dodge pulled up.

Maybe she had some witchy-talent after all.

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