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Pitch Madness B-11: NA: DARE YOU

Sunday, 1 March 2015  |  Posted by Brenda

red 2

Genre: New Adult Contemporary

Word Count: 76,000


When dares don’t win Eden back, Zac resorts to the truths he never wanted to reveal. Reeling, she resists him, and he must prove he’s got more than games in mind.


Sneaking across the walkway connecting Zac’s bedroom to mine feels like a special kind of stupid. All the memories of coming over here with no dares needed dance through my head. Those days shadow my footsteps.

When I get to his bedroom window, I place my hand against the cold pane. The trees above shade the room in darkness and I imagine the outline of his body under his covers. I press my palm firmly to the glass to force it open.

Stupid boy never did remember to lock his window. I straddle the windowsill, bracing myself against the daggers of hurt and betrayal that rebound through me just by being in the familiar room. I force myself the rest of the way in.

My feet tangle over a bag I’m not expecting and my arms flail in a poor attempt to maintain balance. I kick to wriggle my foot from the strap it’s tangled in and barely manage to stay upright. The edge of the bed slams into my shin, and I topple onto the sheets that still smell like him. My elbow connects with something firmer than his mattress and there’s a masculine “Oomph.”

Oh. Shit.

I freeze before turning from the awkward position on my back. Familiar green eyes look at me with amusement. My breath comes out on a whoosh and sounds a lot like “Zac.”

He’s home. I can kiss him. Wrap my arms around him. Except he’s not mine to embrace anymore.


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