A pirate girl uncovers a royal servant’s plans to destroy her country. She’d consider stopping him, but he’s locked her in the castle dungeon with a warrior-in-training and a wizard intern – her annoying long-lost brothers.

It started like any other day for Lesath—swabbing the deck aboard the Weeping Phantom. Not the most glamorous job, especially since Putrid Pete had just made his usual mess of the latrine. But as a fourteen-year old girl aboard the most feared pirate ship in all of Vallenta, Lesath wasn’t trusted with much else. Raiding foreign lands, being taken prisoner, fighting epic battles over cursed gold? The other crew members of the Weeping Phantom had all the fun.

All Lesath was allowed to do was swab. And she was sick of it.

She’d lived aboard the Weeping Phantom as far back as she could remember, and she never got to do anything more exciting than vanquish a particularly stubborn stain from a pair of trousers or raid the food stores for a midnight snack. It wasn’t fair that she wasn’t trusted with any real pirate work. She could probably take half the crew barehanded, and the other half if she had a cutlass – once she’d had a chance to master it.

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