I’ll be home for Christmas . . . if only

First off I’m a guest blogger today over at CA Marshall’s 12 Days of Christmas blogfest. Please go HERE  to check it out and leave a comment. She should have it up sometime today.

Okay, I absolutely love the song ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’.  It has special meaning to me because of the story my father would tell with tears glistening in his eyes under the lights of the decked out tree each year. Back when my father was a little boy he had a baby sister, who was very ill.  This was in the 1940s and medical treatments weren’t as advanced as they are now.  She died right before Christmas and on the drive from the hospital, my father remembers this song was playing on the radio during the drive home. From that time on the song held special meaning for him, and after all the years that have past, he still remembers her short life fondly. 
As I was growing up, and now that I’m older, I always think about how Meme (my grandmother) was feeling during such a terrible loss. Then came my son’s illness at five-years-old.  My youngest had Hodgkin’s, which is a cancer in the lymphoid system. I remember the fear of losing him, the elation when he was cured, and the compassion I felt for all the mothers in the world who wouldn’t be as lucky as me. 

So, at your places of worship or beside your beds at night, say an extra prayer for the children, mothers, fathers, and those who love them.  Be they stricken with cancer or other ailments, or protecting us in all the corners of the world, each person is someone’s child or beloved.  

Peace and Love to all of you.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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