MY BIG TREE by Maria Ashworth . . . Book Release and Giveaway!


TITLE: My Big Tree

AUTHOR: Maria Ashworth

PUBLISHER: Clear Fork Media Group LLC

RELEASE DAY: August 9, 2016

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One little blue bird has found the best place to nest. Soon other animals think it’s the ideal place to be, too. The little blue bird isn’t ready to share her space and decides it’s no longer the “best tree to nest in.” She finds a new tree but something is missing. In the end, the little bluebird realizes there is one thing more valuable than nesting in her favorite tree.


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Maria Ashworth

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Maria’s first published picture book, Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four was born January 2016. Based on her own family experience where she lives with her blended family in Houston, Texas.

Her picture books are inspired by her children and her own personal experiences.
The only way you can get her away from writing at her desk is to tempt her with a bowl of ice cream, especially chocolate chip.

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