mario luigi


Title: Into the Skye

Age Category: Young Adult

Genre: YA – sci-fi

Word Count: 83000

Pitch: One brother loves her, the other wants her dead. They both want the throne. Lucas and Ash land on Earth turning Skye’s junior year to chaos. Dune meets I am Number Four.

First 250 Word of Manuscript:
Skye’s Converse squeaked on the zombie gray linoleum. The oversleeping had to end.

She headed to the office for yet another tardy slip. The pungent odor of paper, rusty metal and sweaty gym shoes filled her nostrils. Morning announcements crackled over the loudspeaker. *Damn*. She was later than she’d thought.

It may be her seventeenth birthday, but Marie, the secretary from hell, wouldn’t let her slide. What a great start to achieving her goal for junior year– to keep her head down, her grades high and finish without too many horribly embarrassing incidents. She slid to a stop just outside the office door and caught herself on the door handle. *Yeah, like that*.

Skye shook her head and pushed inside the stuffy office, almost colliding with the broad shoulders of a tall blond hair boy. Wow! Two disasters averted in less than one minute. The birthday angels must be hovering close by.

She took in his perfectly filled out chocolate hoodie and inhaled the heavenly scent of his cologne. A welcomed break from the normal spiciness of Morristown High.

Her skin heated several degrees. She plopped into a hard metal chair to await her execution and plucked at her Pink Floyd t-shirt. Was the heater on? She couldn’t afford being sick.

If she wanted to get into Columbia University her grades needed to stay right at the top. But her recurring dream over the last year had become harder to shake off. A dark-haired guy with sapphire eyes, pulled her through a dusty ruined city on a barren golden planet.

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