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Title: Daughter Of Fury

Age Category: Adult

Genre: Fantasy

Word Count: 110,000

Pitch: Protecting Councilman Argos is better than drinking herself to death after her girlfriend is kidnapped, but when Rhea finds Liga just to watch her die, she’ll destroy everything rather than leave her people enslaved.

First 250 Word of Manuscript:
The jeers of the crowd that amassed in the cramped alleyway behind The Gilded Stag grew louder by the minute, but all Rhea could hear was the blood pumping in her skull. The hulking woodsman’s hand tightened around her neck, choking her airway smaller and smaller. She could either act now, or die here behind the only place in the Southlands that felt like home anymore.

All over a spilled drink.


It wasn’t one of her finer moments. She was drinking at the Stag, alone, for the third time that week — and her coin purse had suffered for it. There was enough left for one last drink, maybe two if she limited herself to the cheapest ale Fager had to offer. But her taste prevailed, so she pushed the last of her crescents across the bar for a pint of her old favorite.

*Life is shit*, Rhea thought to herself while tucking the empty purse back into her pocket. The least she could do was make sure her mead wasn’t. She tipped the gleaming, curved glass toward her mouth until the rosy amber liquid began to burn her tongue. Liquid amnesia was worth every last crescent she owned.

That’s when he showed up. Rhea didn’t know much about Erro, other than he worked in the Woodwall gathering lumber, loved his drink perhaps more than his wife, and took any opportunity to laugh at Rhea’s expense. That, and his breath smelled of sour milk. The foul stench of it entered her nose as he shoved his way past, eyes trained on an empty seat on the far side of the bar.

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