Auction Item 33: Signed Copy of BREAKING THE ICE by Gail Nall

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About this item: a signed copy of BREAKING THE ICE by Gail Nall.

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Figure skating is Kaitlin’s passion, but she lands on thin ice after a meltdown in this funny, touching story. Because when you fall down, you have to pick yourself up—even if it’s in front of judges and a crowd.

Kaitlin has always dreamed of being a champion figure skater, and she’s given up a lot to pursue her passion. But after she has a totally uncharacteristic tantrum at a major competition, she’s dropped by her coach and her prestigious skating club.

When no other club will have her, she’s forced to join the ridiculed and run-down Fallton Club, jokingly referred to as the “Fall Down Club.” At first Kaitlin thinks this is a complete disaster, but after meeting some of the other skaters—including a boy who happens to have the most perfect hair she’s ever seen—she realizes it might not actually be so bad.

Yet learning a whole new program right before Regionals is a huge challenge, and when she realizes that all the other area skaters target Fallton for pranks, she begins to wonder if joining the Fall Down Club has any upsides.<

” . . . gives fascinating insight into the largely veiled world of junior competitive skating.” -Kirku

“A good addition to any middle grade collection, but especially those lacking in female-centric sports stories.” -School Library Journal

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4852662_origGail Nall

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Gail is the author of the middle grade novel, BREAKING THE ICE (Aladdin/S&S, 2015) and the co-author of the YOU’RE INVITED books with Jen Malone (Aladdin/S&S, May 19, 2015 and February 2, 2016). Gail’s young adult debut, EXIT STAGE LEFT, will be published by EpicReads Impulse/HarperCollins in Summer 2015. Another middle grade novel, OUT OF TUNE, will follow in Fall 2016.

She is a blog contributor at Kidliterati and the Fearless Fifteeners. Gail is a PAL member of SCBWI. She is represented by Julia A. Weber of J.A. Weber Literaturagentur.



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