Announcing…Trick or Treat with Agents Contest


I’m thrilled to announce a very exciting and delicious contest that I was invited to co-host with the extremely talented Kimberly Chase and Deanna Romito.

Submissions will open October 24th at 11 AM EDT with the first 150 entries making it in (all rules must be followed correctly to advance). Each host will then choose 12 entries that best fit the interests of the participating agents. The finalists will be posted on our blogs from October 29-31.  Costumed agents will stop by during those dates to hand out treats, or rather manuscript requests.

Look for a  blog post introducing our costumed agents and what they are looking for right now sometime next week.

Contest is open to MG,YA, and Adult.  (Please check agent interests to see if your genre is a good fit.)

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and our blogs for updates.  @kpchase817 @brendadrake @writeforapples and #AgentTreat.

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