41. THE TRUTH ABOUT TWO-SHOES – Young Adult Contemporary


Mentor Name: Rachel Lynn Solomon

Mentee Name: Nikki Roberti


Category: Young Adult

Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 78,000


Abandoned by her friends and unable to conceal her baby bump, Mississippi pastor’s daughter Ellie joins a slacker gang hell-bent on plotting her baby daddy’s revenge. But getting revenge means facing the truth about a night this former goodie-two-shoes can’t—and doesn’t want to—remember. Saved! meets Freaks and Geeks.


There it was, scrawled across my locker in jagged lipstick lettering.

Technically, the R and E were on my neighbor’s locker, so maybe I could pretend “WHO” was the message meant for me. Rather than a label of what I was, perhaps everyone wanted to know WHO I was. Who was Ellie McSatterfield? I sure would like to know.

But as stifled laughter erupted around me, I knew I was kidding myself. This was it. What they thought about me. I should be used to this by now.

Wrapping an arm around my swollen belly, I opened my locker without pausing long enough to wipe the surface with my sleeve. It would only smear anyway, like my reputation.

“Really?” Mack said from over my shoulder. “Can’t you have this kid already so my locker will stop getting jacked up?”

The clang from his fist jabbing the “RE” locker made me jump, though I didn’t say anything. I focused on my books, ignoring his piercing stare.

“Hey, you okay?”

I cringed. Okay wasn’t the word. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

He shoved his hands into his faded jean pockets and slouched one shoulder against the locker like he was waiting for me to speak more. I knew he didn’t believe me, but what did he care? He didn’t even notice me until the gossip about my pregnancy spread like warm mayonnaise-induced food poisoning at a Sunday potluck. But apparently getting the “UT” half of “SLUT” on your locker was a great icebreaker.

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