Pitch Madness B-10: LONGSHOTS

Genre: MG Science Fiction Word Count:52,000

Needing the reward to bail their uncle out of jail, two brothers “borrow” his ship to rescue the Governor’s kidnapped daughter. Instead, she saves them, and leads them on a quest to prevent intergalactic war.

The universe was supposed to be full of […]

Pitch Madness B-11: TRUST

Genre: YA Contemporary

Word Count:62,000

A month ago, Devin wrecked while intoxicated—or so she’s told when she wakes up from the coma. Facing charges, she fights to remember exactly what happened: something the real driver wants to keep buried.

I heard the voices but couldn’t place them […]


Genre: NA Urban Fantasy Word Count:80,000 words

He wanted an education. They gave him a gun. Now eighteen-year-old Mike Solomon must defend his school’s dangerous secret against a ghoul from the First Crusade. She just wouldn’t stop crying. Ugly, choking gasps for air between exaggerated sobs. Kneeling there on the dining room carpet, […]

Pitch Madness B-13: BETTER LIVES

Genre: YA Science Fiction Word Count:94,000

Arrogant 17 year-old prep school student Marc is abducted and replaced by aliens to avert a future in which he’s the president who starts WWIII.

When Gil and Lew came to my dorm room with the idea of stealing the physics final, I […]

Pitch Madness B-14: THE GRAVES

Genre: MG Mystery w/paranormal elements

Word Count:66,000

When 12-year-old Charlie stumbles over a dead girl in the cemetery behind his house, he works with the girl’s ghost to prove his grave-robbing father is actually innocent of her murder.

When Dad told me that […]

Pitch Madness B-15: FUTURESHOCK

Genre: YA time travel Word Count:68,000

Seventeen-year-old Grace Harper is destined to become President–or so says Colin, her time-traveling fanboy from the future. But that knowledge brings Grace to the attention of a sinister agency tasked with protecting that future. “They can take our freedom, but they can never have our French fries!”


Pitch Madnes B-16 Slush Zombie Save: WIDE AWAKE

Genre: NA contemporary romance Word Count:90,000

When PTSD proves to be too much, the only person who can help the college freshman pass her math class is a sexy engineering student who wants to add her to his list of conquests.

Keep low to the ground. That’s the first […]

Pitch Madness … the rules

The agent round for Pitch Madness starts tomorrow. If you aren’t sure what Pitch Madness is, check out this post or this post for information. Each team has picked their top pitches to go onto the agent round. For a list of agents competing in the game, go to this post. It was […]

My teams’ pick for #PitchMadness!

Pitch Madness agent round picks!

I want to thank my wonderful Dream Team for Pitch Madness for wading through the wonderful slush and picking our top 15 to go into the agent round. You guys are AWESOME!

My co-host …. Erica Chapman @ericamchapman

Our awesome slush readers …

Dahlia Adler




After the Madness Twitter Pitch Party 3/29!

For those of you who didn’t make the cut into Pitch Madness, we’re holding an After the Madness Twitter Pitch Party. So get your 140 character twitter pitch ready. Make sure to include the hashtag #PitMad and try to fit the genre (YA, MG, Adult, NA, and so on) in the pitch. We’ve had […]