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Your 2018 Pitch Wars Mentors!

Saturday, 14 July 2018  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

There’s been a lot of changes happening behind the scenes of Pitch Wars. As we strive to make our mentoring program more inclusive, we’ve cut back a little to also make it more manageable. We received so many applications from talented industry professionals that it was a difficult task to pick our mentoring team. Our committee has worked hard to choose a team they feel represents our community and offers an acceptable range of genres in each of the categories we accept for the program. We were so sad that we couldn’t take every applicant, but we hope they will understand and apply again next year (pretty please). After each Pitch Wars event, our committee will evaluate our program and make changes as they feel are needed.

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Well, we’re sure you all are as excited as we are to meet the 2018 Pitch Wars mentors, so without further delay, here they are!

Middle Grade Fiction …

Adrianna Cuevas and Arianne Costner
Ashley Martin
Cindy Baldwin and Amanda Rawson Hill
Eric Bell
G.Z. Schmidt
J. C. Davis and Sarah Cannon
Jenna Lehne and Tara Creel
Jessica Vitalis and Julie Artz
Juliana Brandt and Lacee Little
Julia Nobel and Gabrielle K. Byrne
KC Held
Kim Graff
Kim Long and Jennifer L. Brown
Margaret Dilloway
Maria Frazer
Nicole Melleby
Nicole Panteleakos
Rajani LaRocca and Remy Lai
Rebecca Petruck
Sabrina Kleckner
Sean Easley
Yamile Saied Mendez

Want to learn more about our Middle Grade mentors? Click on this link to check out their bios. 

Young Adult Fiction …

Abigail Johnson
Adalyn Grace
Alechia Dow and Mel Howard
Alex Reda and Renée A. Price
Andrea Contos and Kay L. McCray
Annie Sullivan
Aty S. Behsam
Brittney Morris
Chelsea Hensley
Cole Nagamatsu
Elly Ha
Erica Waters
Erin Foster Hartley
Gloria Chao
Heather Ezell and Rachel Griffin
Hoda Agharazi
Isabel Ibanez Davis
Jamie Howard
Jamie Pacton and M.K. England
Jenna Lincoln
KC Johnson
Kerbie Addis
Kimberly Gabriel and Dawn Ius
Kimberly Vale and Francesca Flores
Kim Chance and Megan LaCroix
Kit Frick
Laura Brooke Robson
Lindsey Duga and Melissa Erin Jackson
Lindsey Frydman and Katie Beers
Luke Hupton-MacGregor
Lyndsay Ely
Megan Manzano
Michaela Greer
Natasha Neagle
Rachel Lynn Solomon
Rebecca Kim Wells
Rebecca Sky and Fallon DeMornay
Rosie Brown and Swati Teerdhala
RuthAnne Snow and Destiny Cole
S.T. Sterlings
Sabrina Lotfi and Carrie Allen
Samantha Joyce and Laurie Dennison
Sana Patel
Sheena Boekweg
Sonia Hartl and Annette Christie
Stephen Morgan
Tobie Easton and Jennieke Cohen
Trisha Tobias

Want to learn more about our Young Adult mentors? Click on this link to check out their bios. 

New Adult and/or Adult Fiction …

Alice Stephens
Angel Luis Colon
Carolyne Topdjian
Carrie Callaghan
Clarissa Goenawan and Shari Schwarz
Dan Koboldt and Michael Mammay
Diana A. Hicks
Farah Heron
Gigi Pandian
Heather Van Fleet and Lana Sloan
Helen Hoang
Ian Barnes and Laura Lashley
Jason Hine
K.A. Doore
Katrina Carrasco
Kellye Garrett and Mia P. Manansala
Kristen Lepionka
Kristin Rockaway
Kristin Wright
L. D. Lewis
Laura Brown and Tif Marcelo
Layne Fargo
Marty Mayberry and Léonie Kelsall
Mary Ann Marlowe
Michelle Hauck
Michelle Hazen and Katie Golding
Natasha Raulerson
Nikki Dolson
Paris Wynters
Rebecca Enzor
Rheea Mukherjee
Sarah Remy
Susan Bishop Crispell
Suzanne Park and Alexa Martin
T. Frohock
Victoria Lee and R.F. Kuang
Wendy Heard

Want to learn more about our New Adult and/or Adult mentors? Click on this link to check out their bios. 

And there it is, your 2018 Pitch Wars mentors! Make sure to click on their names linking to their bios on the site and stalk … er … follow them on their social media sites. Come back for the mentor wishlist bloghop starting on August 14 and finishing on August 27. The submission window to submit to Pitch Wars 2018 will open on August 27 (midnight EDT) and close on August 29 (10PM EDT).

So what are you waiting for? Get those manuscripts ready!


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