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They’re People Too Blogfest

Friday, 1 October 2010  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Tessa is hosting They’re People, too – Blogfest over at her blog Tessa’s Blurb today. Click here to see her entry and to go to all the participants’ blogs to view their entries. I can’t wait to read them all!

Also, check out my post below for details on my upcoming blogfest. The prizes are critiques from CA Marshall.

The challenge for They’re People Too Blogfest in Tessa’s words: Pick a more or less abstract concept… hate, love, weather, clouds,  death, life, anything you can think of. Write a monologue/dialogue/scene featuring said personified concept as the MC and do so using somewhere in the region of 500 words.

For better or worse, here’s my entry:

When my temper flares, they will think the world hates them. I angrily blow through the trees, knocking off leaves and snapping twigs off the branches. In my path, a fence explodes and a bicycle flips. Pine needles twirl and puffs of the earth rise. I sweep them up and carry them along.
I’m fearless. 
I’m strong. 
And I’m unpredictable. 
I punch the house and the shutters rattle. One flies off, and my breath whistles between the cracks. A child screams for his mother. A dog whimpers. I hug the house, slithering over the top and into the yard. I fling lawn chairs. The patio table clatters, a potted plant slides off it, breaking against the ground in terra cotta pieces and earthen clumps. I brush across the grass and head for the other fence.
I’m fearless.
I’m strong.
And I’m unpredictable.
The fence falls down to my anger, surrendering without a fight. In a garden, I rip flower petals from their pistils. A tire-swing–attached to a thick branch–lifts in the air and rockets back and forth. Car alarms blare as I bluster by. A woman’s dress tangles around her legs. Street signs ripple under my force. Papers fly from the arms of a boy. I climb the foothills, pushing along tumble weeds as I go. I can see the top.  The mountain soars up in front of me, and I climb. 
And higher. 
I lose my breath.
I’m fearful. I’m weak. And I’m predictable.
I reach the top and stretch out to rest.
I am calm.

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