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The Writer’s Voice: Team Coffeehouse #1 – DEVIL SPRINGS

Friday, 19 June 2015  |  Posted by Nikki Roberti


Genre: YA Contemporary
Word Count: 69,000


The devil has come to Devil Springs.

Except he hasn’t. Not at all. But try and tell that to Mayor Avis Kneller.

This is not the senior year Mesa Merritt pictured. She’s already suffered through her grandmother Avis’s restrictive dress code and no boy rule. Now Avis ratchets up her expectations and declares spiritual warfare on behalf of the town’s teens. (Stupid skinny dipping cheerleaders and their stupid Facebook posts.)

Mesa is sick of being bullied into fake piety, but standing up to Avis will mean losing the small freedoms she does have including her spot on the cross country team. Most unfortunate since she’s started training with the yummiest possible running partner, Cody Howard. But when she won’t get baptized as Avis mandates, her alienation begins. (Public schoolers sneaking alcohol into the pastor’s daughter’s party–so not helping.)

The devil may not have come to Devil Springs, but judgement has. Mesa is left hopeless in its wake until a storm rolls in on top of Avis’s devil-banning march. Mesa’s neighbor with autism goes missing during the chaos, and Mesa needs a swell of faith, at least in herself, to find him.

First Page:

Avis cries out in the kitchen, but I hesitate to see if I’m really needed. My grandmother likes to holler.

“Mesa! Get in here!”

I toss my book aside and move toward the sharp scent of ammonia that lingers from Avis’s post-breakfast mopping. She stands at the sink, blood dripping from her finger onto the glossy linoleum.

“Get this out of the way.” She shoves a colander filled with strawberries toward me and lifts her hand in the air. I grab the bowl as the blood runs down her wrist, and seeps into the cuff of her blouse, crimson blooming in white threads.

“The devil attacked me.” Her voice is sharp, hissing. The revelation vibrates between us.

That’s so Avis. Brimming with melodrama and crap. She cut herself, the paring knife she’d been using to hull the berries slipping as knives sometimes do, but I nod. Kenzi and her mom will be here in ten minutes to pick me up for our senior picture appointment; Now’s the time for placating.

“He’s in this town. Staked his claim into its very name.”

Her favorite topic. Avis has been trying to get the town name changed from Devil Springs to Life Springs for as long as I can remember. I return the strawberries to the fridge, consider popping one in my mouth, but decide against it. It’s hard to tell if they suffered any blood splash.

“I’ll get the Band-Aids,” I say.


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