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Monday, 25 June 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Okay, we have entry winners for the voice workshop! Winners please submit the first 250 words of your finished manuscripts or WIP (any genre) to brendadrakecontests@gmail.com NOW. You have 24 hours (6/28 Noon EST) to get your emails in. If I don’t receive an entry by that time, I will announce an opening on Twitter and the first person 9who previously entered) to respond to me will get that spot.

Here’s how to format your entry…
Name: Your name (won’t be posted)
Genre: The genre of your MS/WIP
The first 250 words of your manuscript or work in progress. If the 250 falls in the middle of a sentence then go to the end of that sentence. No spaces or intentions (see sample below).
Name: Brenda Drake
Title: Saint Micheal’s Daughters
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
I hate the confessional. The booth is too tight and just plain creepy. You think you can hide your sins in such a dark place but that’s a ruse. I feel completely exposed. Vulnerable. I smooth my red and gray plaid dress-code skirt over my knees. The door shuts on the other side of the partition wall. The priest settles on the bench and slides the window open. I hold my breath, praying it isn’t Father Romano.
“You know it be a bit early for a confession, Jude.”
I exhale at hearing Father Kelly’s Irish accent muffle against the lattice screen.
“Yeah, but I sinned …you know.”
“You were here not quite a week ago. Surely, your sins can wait a full week.”
I sigh. “Well, today’s a big day. I don’t want to go to the ceremony with sins over my head.”
“Alright, then, we best hurry. The proceedings are due to start. Please kneel.”
I yank up my socks, shift to my knees on the prayer kneeler, and make the sign of the cross. “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” I say, touching my forehead, chest, and then each shoulder with my pointer and middle fingertips. “Bless me father for I have sinned. My last confession was this past Tuesday. This week I lied to Sister Anne about forgetting to bring my homework when I didn’t do it. I rigged Gwen’s pen to leak all over her white shirt because she told everyone my uniform was a hand-me-down.” I tug up my socks again, the elasticity worn out by age.
Again, here’s the fantabulous team critiquing your work …

Lauren Hammond, agent with ADA Managment

Introducing the Voice Team …

Leigh Ann Kopans
Leigh Ann Kopans
Becca C.
Becca (Becks) Coffindaffer

Marieke Nijkamp
Marieke Nijkamp

So there you have it, the V Team! Of course, I’ll be offering up advice, if you want it or not. Your entry will posted on June 29 and we’ll give the team a week to allow them time to get the critiques done.

Here’s the entry winners …

Entry #146 Angelica R. Jackson

Entry #293 Stacey Trombley
Entry #46 Amanda Foody
Entry #460 Diana Gallagher
Entry #797 Lora Palmer
Entry #474 Sarah L. Blair
Entry #181 Nikki Urang
Entry #124 Veronica Bartles
Entry #668 Olga D’Agostino
Entry #240 Jamie Corrigan
Entry #673 Jesplin
Entry #98 Brittany Pate
Entry #819 Jessica Baker Leake
Entry #429 Shah Wharton
Entry #261 Janice Sperry
Entry #363 CherylAnne Ham
Entry #316 Carrie Bastyr
Entry #208 John Lucas Hargis Gypsyroot
Entry #281 Angi Black
Entry #241 Rachel Russell
We had so many entries that the V-Team agreed to critique 5 more entries. If Lauren has time, she may or may not offer up her opinions for this group. But you will have the V-Team!  Here they are…
Entry #447 Eric Steinberg
Entry #744 Avery Marsh
Entry #177 Stephanie Sauvinet
Entry #472 Anya Harker
Entry #646 Meredith Johnson
The winners of the eBook combo INSANITY and WHITE WALLS by Lauren Hammond are… 
Jennie Bailey
Stacey Trombley


If you didn’t win copies of Lauren’s books, you should totally go buy one. Her writing will suck you in!

Jennie and Stacey, please email me your preference between Amazon or Barnes & Noble at brendadrakecontests@gmail.com

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