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Thankful Guest Post by Author & Pitch Wars Mentor, Ronni Arno!

Monday, 24 November 2014  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Thankful Guest Post

A Thankful Rhyme By Ronni Arno

It’s the week of Thanksgiving
and here on Brenda’s site
we writers give our thanks
to those who help us write.

Does it take a village?
Does it take a town?
Exactly how many does it take
to get all those words down?

Today it is my turn
to take an inventory
of those that got me here
and helped publish my story.

First off there’s my family.
They do win first prize.
For being so supportive
and my first set of eyes.

They also put up with me.
This I must confess.
when I got a little crazy,
and a tiny bit obsessed.

Will the agent want to talk?
Will my sub go well?
Will my edits get done in time?
Will my book really sell?

To my husband Josh,
and my kids Morgan and Hallie,
thanks for all your love
and your tireless pep rallies.

Thank you to my parents
who instilled a love of reading,
and taught me to believe
and work hard on succeeding.

To my friends who muddled through
my horrible first drafts,
you kept me inspired
as I improved my craft.

To the MG Beta Readers,
the best critique group ever,
You’re smart and you’re sweet.
You’re creative and you’re clever

You critiqued my manuscript
and when I was perplexed,
you gave me the guidance
to write what would come next.

To my agent Sarah Davies,
who has my complete trust,
you’re truly full of magic
with your fairy dust.

My editor Alyson Heller
also gets big props.
Thanks to her hard work,
my book will be in shops!

And to bloggers like Brenda
and your helpful contests,
as part of this community,
I am truly blessed.

Because it takes a lot of people,
an entire team,
to accomplish these big goals
and reach your writing dream.

So during Thanksgiving,
thanks for taking time
to visit this blog post
and read my silly rhyme.

Because if you’re still here reading,
then I’m thankful for you.
I wish you flowing words
and a great Thanksgiving, too!



1013804_10202533188444034_623331486_n (2)

Ronni Arno

Ronni Arno lives in Midcoast Maine, where she writes middle-grade and young adult novels. As you can tell by the above rhyme, she does not write picture books. Ronni’s middle grade novel RUBY REINVENTED publishes in Fall 2015 with Simon & Schuster/Aladdin. Ronni is a proud member of Kidliterati, where you can check out RUBY REINVENTED’s fabulous cover!



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