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Team Brenda #6 – PECULIAR DARK

Thursday, 17 May 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 89,000

There are a few things Angela James never thought she’d do, like: 
     1.  Throw a birthday party for a supernatural creature.
     2.  Break into a police officer’s apartment.
     3.  Wield an axe.
     4.  Burn a house down.
     5.  Kill a monster. Scratch that – kill anything, period. 
Let’s just say, Angela’s sophomore year isn’t exactly panning out as she’d hoped. Just after moving to the town of Peculiar, a violent fever racks her body, and even after she recovers, she doesn’t feel right, suffering headaches, body aches and weird visions. And she’s not alone. Her classmate Zee and his sister have the exact same symptoms. Angela thinks they must still be sick, but the real answer is far less comforting. They have become vessels for magic – magic that their human bodies can barely contain – and there are creatures hunting them who would rip them to shreds to get at it.
Enter Wy, a beautiful blue-skinned, winged boy who literally drops from the sky with a sword and a bad attitude. He claims to be their protector, but he’s got his own agenda that doesn’t always seem to include their best interests. Wy the Blue Wonder – and the magic secrets that come with him – throws Angela’s whole life out of whack. She worries about her family, freaks out her cute new crush, breaks the law – and those aren’t even the worst parts. Because the creatures chasing them are shapeshifters, and they can look like anyone at any time, so you may not even know you’re in danger until it’s too late.
The wind woke Angela before the fever did.
It bowled over the plains like a brute and wrapped around the house, rooting out cracks and corners, howling and whistling.
Angela lay beneath her comforter, listening to the roof and walls shudder under gusty slaps. All of her skin ached, and the insides of her body felt molten with heat. Pain throbbed from her temples up to the crown of her skull and back down into her jaw. Her limbs were weak and heavy, and the backs of her eyes were boiling. She writhed around, getting her legs twisted up in the sheets. Flailing aggressively, she kicked herself free.
Without the blankets, she shook with violent tremors, curled on the bare mattress. Every time she blinked, she felt like the heat of her eyelids would scorch her irises off.
She had to get up.
Rolling off the edge of the bed, she steadied herself on weak legs, muscles threatening to collapse under her. One hand still on the mattress, Angela took a shaky step and then another.
Her bedroom dissolved into jumbled blocks, the floor and the walls whirling in a blur of shadows, ground melting to mush under her feet. Everything tilted around her.
She fell, and the spinning world went black.
Angela’s senses came back in beats.
Her mother’s face hovering over her. Voices whispering nearby. Fluorescent lighting and plastic chairs. The comforter brushing against her chin. The ceiling of her bedroom. The heat of her own scalding body cooking her insides.

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