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Thursday, 17 May 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake
Genre: YA Contemporary
Word Count: 65,000
Sixteen-year-old ward of the state, Lulu Meriwether, has always believed she’s a victim of chance. And ending up at O’Dell High, a former all boys’ Catholic school that has just opened its doors to girls is no exception.   
Lulu feels lost in a sea of testosterone until she finds her niche in life: expert heart-breaker. After a string of boyfriends, she finds herself falling for Micah, a Jewish boy and odd-kid-out, like her. Unable to admit just how deeply she feels for him, Lulu dumps him, too. The only problem is she’s the one feeling heartbroken.
Realizing her life is more about choice than chance, Lulu tracks down all the boys she’s dumped to ask for forgiveness. And as she confronts her past, she finds she doesn’t know squat about her exes, like how the captain of the chess team is also a black belt in karate or how the all-star basketball player has a passion for baking. With the help of her former flames, and their unique talents, Lulu puts on the biggest spectacle O’Dell High has ever seen in order to win Micah back—but she wonders if her personal changes are enough to give him a change of heart.

Only advanced journalism team members, a.k.a. the seniors, get to work on O’Dell High’s morning news crew. So, being a junior, it should feel kind of exciting to be in here, like I have a VIP backstage pass. But I’m not running around fixing the lighting or fidgeting with the massive cameras like the other students around me.
In fact, I’m too keyed up to do much more than stare down at the U-shaped table I sit behind. It looks almost exactly like the one on Channel Ten News, the station anchor Carter Phillips reports on. Since my foster father went to college with him, I think he feels obligated to tune in. Obligated is precisely how I feel today, thanks to my big mouth. I place my hand on the table’s fake wood print and run my fingers over the smooth edges.
I’m about to be on the school news, though not as a younger reincarnation of the great Carter Phillips, destined to lead the future of broadcasting, or anything. No, that would be the person I feel obligated to, my ex-boyfriend, Ted. He sits beside me in the black suit with his blond hair parted neatly to one side.
He looks dressed for a funeral, and sort of is, because after this interview I’ll be mourning the death of what little social life I had to begin with. If that’s what it takes to get Micah back, though, it’s more than worth it.

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