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Super Intern Contest … entry winners

Sunday, 10 June 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

We have winners into the Super Intern Contest with the awesome agent intern, Erica M. Chapman, for Louise Fury with L. Perkins Agency . If your name is below, please send your query letter and the 1st 250 words of manuscript to brendadrakecontests@gmail.com now and not later than Tuesday, June 12 at 10 PM EDT. Remember Erica’s going to tell us when she stopped reading each pitch or if it would make it out of the slush pile. This is not for the faint of heart, so let us know if you can’t handle the honesty and we’ll select another winner.
And the winners are…
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Entry #58 El
Entry #298 Ashley Maker
Entry #419 Lisa Roseman
Entry #676 Emily Cushing
Entry #127 Talynn
Entry #140 Amanda Burckhard
Entry #72 Nicole Zoltack
Entry #502 Brighton Luke
Entry #585 Anna U. Mormack
Entry #594 Cate Peace
Entry #20 Kassel Fotinos-Hoyer
Entry #322 Brittany Pate
Entry #524 Meradeth Houston Snow
Entry #427 Hope Roberson
Entry #666 Jessica Negron
Entry #41 Eric Steinberg
Entry #458 Kelly (ohthatmomagain)
Entry #619 Nikki (nmrunyan)
Entry #330 Janice Sperry
Entry #102 Ashley Turcotte
Entry #262 Lisa Basso
Entry #573 Jessica Bailess
Entry #391 SC Author
Entry #129 Jordan McCollum
Entry #196 Summer L. Heacock
Entry #364 Kathi Morrison-Taylor
Entry #643 Amanda Hartley
Entry #85 Lucas Croft
Entry #562 Laurie Litwin
Entry #516 Tina Hatch
Here’s how to format your entry …
Name: Your name: (will not be posted)
Entry No.: (Rafflecopter #)
Genre: (i.e. YA Fantasy)
Word count: (i.e. 85,000)
Query letter
1st 250 words
And here are the prizes we’re giving out …
Shelley Watters and Monica B.W. and I are giving away 1st 10 pages of your manuscript critiques as prizes. Plus you never know, if Erica likes any of the entries enough, she just might recommend them to Louise Fury.
Come back Wednesday to see the entries, and Erica will be commenting on them during the rest of the week, so check back to see what she says. 

Until then…


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