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SPIRIT OF PITCH WARS Rejection Party . . . The Winners Announced!

Friday, 8 September 2017  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

We’ve faced the rejection and become better writers for it. And you’ve all proven you can beat the rejection by nominating the people who helped you overcome, improve, and have hope in the future.

Thank you for being such a positive influence on our community!

Here are the Pitch Wars 2017 Rejection Party winners . . .

Isabel Davis: I’m happy to donate a first chapter critique. It may or it may not include line edits.

Winner: Marti Parham


Marty Mayberry: I’ll donate a first 4000 words critique that will be completed after Thanksgiving. Just in time for the holidays. LOL.

Winner: Jeanne Renee


Isabel Davis: OH! Hello. I’m a designer. I can do a fun screen saver of their favorite quote for the desktop or their iphone.

Winner: Loretta Chefchaouni


Dawn Ius: I can donate a first chapter or query critique.

Winner: Fiona Claire

I’m also happy to donate a book, or an ARC of Lizzie, depending on when those things arrive. *taps foot with impatience*

Winner: Meghan Maugheri

K.T. Hanna
: I’ll do a first chapter critique to be delivered at end of October.

Winner: Nicky


Tara Creel: I can donate a query+first chapter critique.

Winner: Michelle Fohlin


Amanda Rawson Hill: I’ll donate a copy of next month’s book for our newsletter book club. ALAN COLE IS NOT A COWARD. I have an in with the author so I might even be able to swing a signed copy. I’ll see. (Hooray for Joy McCullough’s previous Pitch Wars mentee!)

Winner: Deborah Maroulis


Erin Foster Hartley: I can donate a query + first chapter critique.

Winner: Jessica Jade


Akemi Dawn Bowman: I can donate a query or 1st chapter critique.

Winner: Vanessa E Peay


Amy Trueblood: I’ll do a query + first chapter critique.

Winner: Leslie D. Rush


Annette Christie: I’ll donate a craft book of their choosing!

Winner: Lisa Gold


Monica Hoffman: Put me down for a query critique and first chapter.

Winner: David Harshaw


Joy McCullough: I’ll do a query + first chapter – MG or YA only.

Winner: R.A. Krueger


Carrie Callaghan: I’ll donate two copies of THRILL ME by Benjamin Percy.

Winner: KJ Harrowick

Jamie Howard: Query + first chapter for me!

Winner: Jason Temple


Helene Dunbar: I’ll do a query + first chapter AFTER pw!

Winner: Sarah Germer

Katrina Carrasco
: I’ll do a query + first-chapter critique after PW. Adult only.

Winner: Kristen Howe


Laura Pohl: I can do 3 query critiques! (YA preferred)

Winner: Dorothea

Winner: Morgan Hazlewood

Winner: Arielle Hadfield


Kellye Garrett: I can donate a book! Woo hoo.

Winner: Emily Flood


Lyndsay Ely: A book of the winner’s choosing my work hoard! (I’ve got picture books, MG, YA, adult, cookbooks, etc…the shelves are packed) Mark me down for that! 🙂

Winner: Rona Wang


JC Davis: I’ll donate a query & first chapter critique.

Winner: Amelia Hollingworth


Julie Artz: I’ll donate a query + synopsis + first chapter for MG or YA. The synopsis can be optional, but they’ll get big-picture feedback if they send one 😉

Winner: April Clausen


Katrina Emmel: I’ll do a first chapter critique (up to 10 pages) completed between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Winner: Angie McCullagh


Alicia Clancy: I’ll do a query+first chapter critique.

Winner: Melissa Liban


Nikki Roberti: I’ll do 3 query critiques

Winner: Nikhita Prabhakar

Winner: Maria Stout

Winner: Bethany Stevenson

Sarah Hawthorne: I’ll donate a book!

Winner: S.M. Roffey


Jessica Calla: How about a $5 Amazon GC to buy a book of their choice?

Winner: Susan Allred


Alexandra Alessandri: I couldn’t mentor this year, but I’d love to contribute with a query + chapter critique!

Winner: Maria Hossain


Melissa Marino: I’ll donate a signed paperback of their choice of one of my 3 books. 🙂

Winner: Christopher Woolf


Jenny Lundquist: I’ll do a first chapter critique (MG preferred) and donate a copy of The Wondrous World of Violet Barnaby.

Winner: Amy Nygaard


Adalyn Grace: I can donate a YA query + 1st chapter critique.

Winner: Lilly Santiago


Kerbie Addis: I can donate 5 YA query critiques, to be delivered between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Winner: Cassie Miller

Winner: Isabeau Rose

Winner: Casie Bazay

Winner: Kelly Barina

Winner: Mikaley Osley


Rebecca Sky: I’ll donate a YA audiobook.

Winner: Marley Rodriquez


Shari Schwarz: This is great! I’ll donate a query + 1st chapter critique.

Winner: Branwen O’Shea-Refai


Kes Trester: I’ll donate a book and swag.

Winner: Sabrina McClain


Kim Long: Mixing things up–I’ll do a synopsis crit, but it must be less than two pages single spaced.

Winner: Michelle Leonard


Jessica Bayliss: I’ll donate a first chapter critique (up to 3K words).

Winner: Nancy McGinley Myers


Lisa Amowitz: I will offer a first chapter critique. At the end of October (up 3K words).

Winner: TK Yeager


Sheena Boekweg: I’ll donate three query critiques.

Winner: Kate Havas

Winner: Lisa Orchard

Winner: Danielle Simonelli

Marie Meyer: Great idea! I will donate a query + 1st chapter critique, when PW is over.

Winner: Tim Collins


Emma Wicker: I’ll do a chapter critique for NA/A – 5 1st chapters.

Winner: Anne Lipton

Winner: Mark Dooley

Winner: Jessica Lewis

Winner: Elizabeth Perry

Winner: Jen Martin


Destiny Cole: OH I HAVE ONE!!!! Victory Fall by Alicia Dada.

Winner: Jess Creaden


Jennifer Jones Vincent: I’m happy to offer a first chapter critique for MG or YA!

Winner: Ramon Ballard


Jami Nord: I’ll do 5 first page (250 words) crits. I figure keeping it short spreads the love! YA or Adult only.

Winner: Haley Kral

Winner: Alechia Dow-Hirt

Winner: Randi Perrin

Winner: Pamela Thompson

Winner: Katie Beers


Laura Brown: I’ll do a first chapter critique for A/NA.

Winner: David Neuner


Fiona McLaren: I’m up for a query & synopsis critique! Make that x 2. 🙂

Winner: Melissa

Winner: Ali Labdon


Natalka Burian: I can happily donate a book!

Winner: Melinda Mitchell


C.M McCoy: I’ll donate SHOWING AND TELLING IN FICTION by Marcy Kennedy

Winner: Catherine Bakewell


Kelly Siskind: I’ll do a query critique!

Winner: Nina Fortmeyer


Kristin Smith: I can donate an ebook of CATALYST or FORGOTTEN.

Winner: Katie


Beth Ellyn Summer: I’ll donate an ebook of At First Blush! 🙂

Winner: Stephanie Zyvoloski


Rachel Griffin: I’d love to do a YA query + 1st chapter critique!

Winner: Michelle Reynoso


Kelly Hopkins: Happy to do a couple of query critiques!

Winner: Barb Hopkins

Winner: Amelia Hollingsworth


And Cimone Watson, editorial intern at  , wanted to donate, too! Thank you Cimone! This is what she said: For the Pitch Wars rejection party, may I donate 3 query+first chapter critiques? And I said, of course!

Winner: Caitlin Jacobs

Winner: Luke Tarzian

Winner: Ariel Ryan


And after Pitch Wars is over, I (Heather Cashman) will provide a whole novel edit to .  . .

Kerry Johnson


Your generous mentors will be contacting you via Twitter to arrange receipt of prizes. Please be patient with them as they are all busy, and follow them if you would like them to contact you via DM.

Thank you for helping make rejection an easier part of this tough business. We’re so grateful for all of you who participated in Pitch Wars this year!


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