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SHADOW OF DECEPTION by Sophia L. Johnson … new release to benefit Covenant House, helping homeless youth!

Friday, 17 April 2015  |  Posted by Brenda Drake


Title:  Shadow of Deception (The Kazumi Chronicles #1) by Sophia L. Johnson

Publisher:  Outskirts Press

ISBN-13: 9781478742845

Publication Date: April 9, 2015

Genre: Young Adult/Science Fiction

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NOTE: Sophia L. Johnson have partnered up with Covenant House, an organization dedicated to help homeless youth, in which she will donate all royalties in the first year to them.  Every copy sold is a small step closer to ending youth homelessness.  You can find out more about Covenant House here at www.covenanthouse.org.


2153, Toronto, United Nation of North America (UNNA)

A horrific plane crash kills all five hundred and forty-two passengers except one. Kazumi emerges from the wreckage physically unscathed but has lost all her memories. Her miraculous survival has the whole city buzzing but all she wants is to go home, wherever home is.

After waiting a month in the hospital with no one to claim her, Kazumi is deemed homeless. She is about to be sent to a nearby teenage shelter when the nurse she grew to trust ushers her down a mysterious path, one that promises safety and maybe even the chance to recover her memories. With no better options available, Kazumi takes her chance and finds herself in the headquarters of the Sarcomeres, a secret society of genetically advanced humans hidden deep inside the Rocky Mountains. The Sarc’s heightened physical abilities and high-tech gadgets are not the only things that fascinate Kazumi. Finnegan O’Riley, a fellow Sarc she meets along the way also gets her heart racing. When Kazumi discovers that she possesses the genetic potential of a Sarcomere, she jumps at the chance to train with them, not knowing the death defying tests that are involved.

Meanwhile, a centuries-old nemesis of the Sarcomeres begins to stir in the dark, setting their dark plans in motion. Just when Kazumi thinks she can help protect her new found home, past memories surface to threaten her new identity. She soon realizes that layers of deception run deep and everyone has a secret agenda, including herself.

Who can she trust when she can’t even trust herself? One wrong decision could bring forth consequences worse than death.

Author Bio:


Sophia L. Johnson is a writer, college instructor, and an entrepreneur living in the culturally diverse city of Toronto.  Her debut novel Shadow of Deception is a dark, action-packed first installment of The Kazumi Chronicles.

Author website:  www.sophialjohnsonbooks.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorSLJ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shadowofdeception

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