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Query Workshop Winners …instructions

Thursday, 16 August 2012  |  Posted by Brenda Drake

Query Letter Workshop
August 20 – 24 
Okay, we have winners into the query workshop. But before, here’s some exciting stuff going down …
 Beyond The Hourglass Bridge...

Three more chances to get into the workshop… If you didn’t make it into the workshop, you can win one of three query critiques from me if you stop by Katherine Amabel’s (@katherineamabel) blog Beyond the Hourglass Bridge and leave a comment on her interview post of me. Katherine is delving into ‘how to grow your blog’ by interviewing bloggers on her site. Go check it out! I’ll choose winners by August 22 and the three winners will have their critiques up on my blog on August 25.
Pitch Madness is coming up in September (genres tbd). We already have 8 agents signed up! Submission windows will be on September 1 and all the fun starts September 7-12 with a Twitter Pitch on the 13th open to everyone. Rules of the game, agents’ bio, and instructions will be up the week of August 26.
cc Victor Bezrukov
Wait. There’s more. For every critique you do during the workshop, you’ll get an entry into a drawing for one of three first chapter critiques from me. All you have to do is critique during the week on one or all blogs and you’re entered to win. Easy.

Okay, so here’s the winners …

Entry #325 Sarah Guillory
Entry #64 Cydney Lawson
Entry #431 Eric Steinberg
Entry #268 Dawn Allen
Entry #305 Rebecca Stevenson
Entry #68 Jeannette Smejkal
Entry #39 Nicole Zoltack
Entry #400 Heather Nicole Sizemore
Entry #153 Jess Collins
Entry #434 Laurie Litwin
Entry #121 Amy aka Kissed by Ink
Entry #172 Jennifer Malone
Entry #55 Erin Buecker Rosener
Entry #196 Amr Arafa
Entry #220 Kelly Heinin
Entry #365 K.L. Layton
Entry #307 Lorie Steed
Entry #456 Stephanie Flint
Entry #142 M Andrew Patterson
Entry #5 Ariana Richards
Entry #213 Rachel Horwitz
Entry #11 Meredith Johnson
Entry #448 Christina Soontornvat
Entry #355 Ella Schwartz
Entry #333 Gwen Cole
Entry #441 Ellen Rozek
Entry #416 Kaitlin Adams
Entry #168 Susan Taitel
Entry #147 Mary Holm
Entry #169 Valia Lind
Entry #16 Kelly Silverman Metz
Entry #111 Feaky Snucker
Entry #249 Meagan Rivers
Entry #127 Nazarea Andrews
Entry #379 SC Author
Entry #371 Robin Alexander
Entry #449 Elizabeth Fais
Entry #235 Allie Shellong
Entry #392 Sarah Allen
Entry #275 Jennifer M. Hartsock 

Winners email your query letters to brendadrakecontests@gmail.com by Saturday, August 19 at 8AM EST. If we don’t receive your query by then, we’ll give your spot away, so please don’t miss it. Start sending in your queries now! Here’s how to format your submission…

Name (won’t be published)
Title of Manuscript

Query letter (Please format as you would send to an agent and leave out all personal information.)

Here are the fantabulous critiquers joining me in this workshop …

Becca C.
Becca (Becks) Coffindaffer
 Marieke Nijkamp
 Sarah Nicolas

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